Hey guys please comment this is my first one

Step 1: Floor

Make 4x4 stone layer

Step 2: Wood

Add 3 high wood in each comer

Step 3: More Wood

Connect the woods together and make a 2x2 top

Step 4: Planks

Choose a front and add 2 planks like this

Step 5: More Planks

Add planks along stone for all 3 sides ans panes on top

Step 6:

How did I do please comment
<p>it is really cool well done</p>
Looks like ones in a village! Well done, looks like it would work well for a starting house in a survival world.
It I's pretty basic
I'll work on it just an idea
Well put together tutorial... Pretty basic and dull building that jus about anyone could build :L
Very good structure. Great job!
Although a simple concept, the actual instructions and pictures a well done. Good job!
How did I do

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