Hybrid Knex Bow





Introduction: Hybrid Knex Bow

I have had this bow for a while now, and I will not be posting instructions for it as I am using parts from it to make my emplacement gun bigger. It shouldn't be too hard to make from the pictures. Sorry about the shoddy pictures, when I post my emplacement gun I will use my digital camera.


Adjustable stock

My new and comfy handle, with anchor points for a monopod

Sturdy and robust design

Fires 45-60 feet

A hybrid system; the bow flexes, providing some power as well as the rubber bands.



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    It's pretty terrible by today's standards, yes.

    is it ram rod? it kind of looks that way in the picture.

    No, that would not be a crossbow.

    ok. it just appeared that way to me.

    I'm working on a very complex hybrid sniper bow. It starts out as a crossbow. The bent area at the end can be twisted from horizontal into vertical so it makes the butt for the sniper part. The extended barrel can be pulled out from the end opposite the side of the bent area/ butt. The scope from the crossbow part can be pulled upwards and locked in place to make the magazine. The handle and trigger for the crossbow folds up vertically to make the grip for the sniper. The grip from the crossbow folds down to make the handle and trigger for the sniper. I'm not sure if you can picture it from what I said, but it looks cool.

    From what I can imagine the sniper fires from one end, and the bow fires from the other?

    Sounds complicated! Did you leave for a while, I haven't seen you around lately?