Picture of Hybrid Pipe Bed
Hi All,

First off, thank you for the creators of the Pipe Dream and Aluminum Pipe beds for my inspiration.  I decided I wanted to do something like them but make it a hybrid.  It has taken a lot of elbow grease, many wandering visits to Home Depot, numerous phone calls and tons of frustration.

Background: My original idea was to use aluminum pipes to create a frame large enough for a queen but use crossover slip-on pipe fittings so that I can easily adjust and take it apart whenever I want since I move a lot.  I wanted the head legs to be longer than the tail legs and the base to be a couple of inches longer and wider than my bed.  I really wanted to avoid Home Depot at all costs but I couldn't find a place that sold aluminum pipes.  The total cost ended up being around $400 for the Kee Lite fittings, $100 for the EMT pipes, $20 for the leg caps, $30? for the wood slats.  I have practically no proper tools and live in a teeny studio so I was as restricted in doing a lot of things I really wanted to do.  I also planned this project horribly because of my impatience among other things.

Step 1: Prep Work

Galvanized pipe was out of the question for me as it was too heavy for a wooden floor so I ended up using EMT pipe at Home Depot after hunting around everywhere for aluminum.  Unfortunately, I didn't know that EMT pipe does not have the same outer dimension (OD) as galvanized pipe before I bought the speedrailers.  I wasn't too worried about it supporting me as I am slim for my size and I am using a 12" memory foam bed from Walmart.

I used a multi-tool and allen wrench. 

I would recommend a leveler, tape measure and a helper.

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frankboase5 years ago
A heroic effort is the phase that comes to mind. Here in Malaysia we would keave a space between the boards to allow the mattress to breathe.
I actually want to make a bed out of scaffolding, mainly because it would be pretty cool and pretty invincible...

Nice job overall, looks like it's at a nice height too...
 With scaffolding you'd have an instant four-poster.
Aye, there might be enough in the basement, I think there's some down there... 
jtwanderlust (author) 5 years ago
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the comments.  I didn't think this project was going to get so much attention else I would've actually made it correctly.  @jongscx, yes it is expensive but again, you can almost halve the cost if you just use elbows and tees, use plastic ends and DD for scrap wood.  @grannyideas, I really wanted the metallic look instead of PVC.  There is also hard black PVC pipe at Home Depot you can try.  @jdege, yeah hopefully people get that this is more of a "what not to do" instructable.  @killerjackalope, do it!  @ l8nite, actually so far it's working out because the middle bar is preventing the slats from moving around.  @jacko backo, they're really comfy  =)
R u kidding?  That is a sweet pipe bed!!  It really caught my eye!
Vailhem5 years ago
 a little too industrial for my taste but... I like the map of southeast asia in the background
winkman5 years ago
That is cool, great idea, and it makes perfect sense :) thanks for the ible
l8nite5 years ago
Nicely done !  I think the center support is probably over kill, especially with all the planking you used, so if it creates an uneven base... get rid of it, or attach it to the side rails. Scrap carpet or felt on the bottoms of the flanges will protect the follor and make it easier to slide the bed (when needed)
jacko backo5 years ago
Lol, I like the Homer Slippers. :1
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