Step 7: Yay! Finally! Finishing Touches

Picture of Yay!  Finally!  Finishing Touches
I readjusted the vertical position of the width pipes on the tailboard to make it match the height of my bed.  Also realized I had two extra slip-on fittings so I added another width pipe. 

To add protection, I took my extra plastic tubing, cut it to the length of my flange, split it down the middle, splayed it flat, cut it to fit the radius and put it under my flanges.  Also had to add another little strip to fully cover the flange.  Hopefully it'll keep the bed from moving around.

I added the tops to the legs to make it look a little nicer.  They just screwed on.  Wow, one thing that actually fit correctly!  I actually got lucky because when the pipe was cut, it created a thread on the tip of the pipe.

I tried to make everything straight and then tightened it.  It does move around a bit when I force it but it seems to be holding.

I was limited by time, money, living on the third floor with wooden floors so I couldn't make a lot of noise, lack of knowledge and lack of patience.  I also didn't have any help except this website.  A tape measure would've been nice though. 

I will probably upgrade this next year to longer aluminum pipes to make it look more like it's on a platform (it's only about an inch out) but thinking of taking this thing apart is already making me depressed.  At least now I know what I want because I can visually see it and make measurements.  Also trying to figure out what I want to do with the headboard.  I was thinking of adding two pipes to create an "X".  Will also probably add some led lights to the bottom.

So basically this instructable sucks and I wouldn't recommend you follow it.  But hopefully it'll inspire other ideas as the other two beds inspired me.  Anybody brave enough to try using scaffolding or fencing pipes ? 
Smaridge015 years ago
Kudos for persisting and getting this bed made! It IS really cool, and yes, it IS inspiring! Thanks for going through the trouble to post it for us.
That is awesome! I have another option for securing the pipe in the slip on fittings. This would of course also include the proper tools and more work, but could definitely make things a little easier in the long run. My suggestion for anyone else doing this would be to instead of getting the plastic pipe, use some set screws and drill a hole and tap it out wherever you wanted to put it on the fitting. You could use the kind that have a point on the end and prevent it from turning, or you could simply drill through both pieces of pipe and fitting and use the screw to go all the way into the pipe and fitting and lock it into place.

frankboase5 years ago
A heroic effort is the phase that comes to mind. Here in Malaysia we would keave a space between the boards to allow the mattress to breathe.