Hybrid Sennheiser / Apple Earphones


Introduction: Hybrid Sennheiser / Apple Earphones

I had Sennheiser CX 500-B In-Ear Stereo Headphones that I was using for last year or so and it started to fail on one bud. Problem was the connector pin.
I also had new apple earphones with mic and remote built in and the speaker started to break.

So I ended up combining the two and creating high end earphones that work seamlessly with my iphone and sounds great.

The hard part was to open the Sennheiser buds and get the slightly thicker apple wire through them. Soldering was the easy part.

Now people always ask me what they are and I just smile at them :-)



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    How did you open the sennheiser earbuds?


    Where are the instructions?

    I've done exactly the same so that I can have the quality and fit of the sennheiser buds with the inline remote and speaker for handsfree calls.

    How dare you contaminate those Sennheiser ear buds with those Apple cords. Cool idea though! I now have an idea...