Introduction: Hybrid Strap Messenger Bag - Made @TechShop!

Picture of Hybrid Strap Messenger Bag - Made @TechShop!

Carrying a messenger bag really weighs down on one shoulder - change that by turning the strap into a "normal" double strap bag


Messenger Bag

Messenger Strap

2 D rings

1 Clip

Extra Nylon Straps


Sewing Machine


Sewing Kit

Step 1: Cut the Strap !

Picture of Cut the Strap !

Cut retention band and sew to cut strap

Step 2: Sew Latch Points

Picture of Sew Latch Points

Sew nylon straps to bottom corners of the messenger bag and attachment to the top

(think triangle)

Step 3: Wear It!

Picture of Wear It!



craftclarity (author)2014-05-23

I appreciate how you've re-purposed a bag here. Single-shoulder bags, used too often, can wreck your rotator cuff...

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