This hydraulic arm was a homework for my daughter's school. The idea was to create a toy from recycled materials. Hope you enjoy.


Step 1: Materials

- Pieces of cardboard
- 8 syringes
- 1,5 meter hose (aquarium pump)
- 15  Plastic clamps
- 2 screws with 3 washers and 4 nuts
- 1 piece of wire (clothespin)
- 1 wooden stick
- Water, paint, glue, knife, ruler, etc..
<p>I favorited this as soon as I saw it. I really love the idea, and the vibrant colors! Thank you for the time you spent making this instructable, I really enjoyed it and was educated in hydraulics through it.</p>
<p>Cool, mine turned out perfect! Thanks for showing me and some others a good step-by step process into making this. I plan to take a picture of it and post it on here as well.</p>
<p>Thank you for enjoying the work . Here at Instructables have many good works . As soon as I can, I come back to post more .</p>
<p>Wow, that's a lot of work you put into this project! It really fascinated me, so I will be looking at more of your projects!! Thanks for publishing it :D</p>
<p>IT WAS NICE !!!!</p>
<p>I made something just like this there really awsome</p>
<p>Show us yours!</p>
<p> this is mine yours is more advanced</p>
<p>Nice idea!</p>
ok I will send it tommow
<p>Nice! :)</p>
I made a hydraulic crane with detachable parts and a bucket using all but popsicle sticks, cotton swabs,cardboard and hot glue ;that costed me around $2 and works quite good, tell me if you guys would like me to make a tutorial!!
<p>i had something like this before. then i broke it with over pressurizing it.</p><p>so i might build this. becuses it doesnt need to be pumped up.</p>
plese give us measurements
<p>Hello . Unfortunately this is an old project and I missed the measures . Will depend on the size of syringes you buy.</p>
what can it pick up in particular cause I have to do it in school
<p>Some plush toys and some origami . The claw is not very strong . It was meant only to showcase the work of pistons in a didactic way .</p>
can the claw pick up a chalk board duster
<p>With a feel changes in design,i guess :)</p>
<p>Thanks For Your Help. It will surely help me.</p>
<p>No problem! Then Show us your arm.</p>
<p>where did you buy the syringes?</p>
<p>I bought at a pharmacy.</p>
<p>this is awesome.. I really loved it</p>
<p> I do not need the demensions to each part but just out of curiosity, (hope I don't get killed like the cat), what is the size of the whole project put together? I don't even need exact numbers an estimation would even be fine.</p>
Made a few changes but got the main idea from you, thanks! ;)
Wow thanks a lot, this design was AWESOME. Look at my profile picture, I'm finally finished with it.
Busy making it and it's really FUN!!!
<p>Also enjoyed myself.</p>
nice design
As simple as you and your brains rock
i want the measurements of everything !!! please
Hi! If I find the claw, I will put measures.
wow extraordinary
5 jalapenos!!
Obrigado! <br>
plz can i know the size of the syringes used
Hi Sorry for the delay in responding. In this project, I used 3ml syringes. I do not know the size because I'm not home. As soon as I can, will check the size of them. Although size does not matter much. It depends on the size you'll want to build your mechanical arm.

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