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Introduction: Hydraulic Door Opening System

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While sitting on our computer table(or any table), doing important work, we are often disturbed by the knocks at our door or somebody calling outside the door. You have to go all the way down the exit and open the door. It is also a helpful tool for a bed ridden person and also useful for a lazy person. An old man can open a gate just by the movement of his or her legs or hands. It is also a great project for dorm rooms. Dorm rooms can be messy and so a cheap lock which can be opened by sitting from anywhere around your dorm room is much appreciated. It also makes the room look more and more scientific.

Nowadays science have given electronic wireless locks but they cost a real lot of a money and are not always availabe on our local store and we need to order online again costing lot of money on shipment.

Here's a simple instructable on how to open a door from your seat costing under $2 by just a few touch of precision and a few materials just from scrap or around the house.

NOTE : Works on any type of door. Just needs some modification on differwnt doors.

Dont believe??? then just go through the steps.

Step 1: Materials

The things you need are :

¤ Single use medical syringe 10ml & 50ml.
¤ Long transparent pipe of diameter 5mm.
¤ 12x Light sticks of length 8 inch.
¤ 2mm diameter 10 inch steel wire.
¤ Paper.
¤ Double sided tape.
¤ Masking/paper/duct tape.
¤ Fridge stand or something similar to it (NOT AT ALL NECESSARY).

¤ Screws.
¤ Pliers.
¤ Hot glue ( glue gun ).
¤ Superglue or glue drops.

Step 2: Assembly of the Controls

1. Take 9 of your sticks and drill a small hole 1.5 cm from one end using the screws.

2. Pass the wire through the holes. Make sure the sticks move freely.

3. Now bend the ends of the wire as shown in the picture.

4. Place the whole thing above another stick the wires touching the stick. Mark the position of the wires.

5. Again make holes in the marked areas.

6. Insert the wires in the hole and glue it with hot glue.

7. Take the other two sticks and make a 90 degree figure and glue it with hot glue.

8. Attach this to the stick with the wire like in the diagram.

9. Glue all the 9 sticks with double sided foam tape so that it moves as one unit. Let's name it a "pedal".

10. Attach a paper to the sides of the pedal.

Step 3: A Bit of Plumbing

1. Take the big syringe and attach the mouth of the pipe to it with glue.

2. Pass the pipe through the holes of the fridge stand as shown.

3. Attach the fridge stand to the table base or to a wall.

4. Attach the syringe to the fridge stand as shown.

5. Measure out the length of the pipe needed to reach your lock.

6. Fill the pipe and the syringe with water.

7. Attach another end of the pipe to the small syringe and glue it with hot glue.

Step 4: The Final Checks

1. Press the syringe and check whether the end of the small syringe ix moving or not.

2. Attach the end of the small syringe to the pulling end of the lock.

3. Cover the lock with the paper just to abstract the messyness.

4. Now attach the top of the pedal(made in step one) to the end of the syringe.

5. Accelerate the pedal and viola the door opens!!!!



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    Very nice ... next step could be to teach the dog to push the pedal :)

    2 replies

    Yeah post some ideas about training the dog......:-)

    I can't believe people are actually poking fun at you guys this is incredible

    This not an electronic project!!!

    I get it no electricity needed water is free moving

    I have a spring, an enclosure box as well as a gate opening alarm with it. You could even add something more. Please share images of any updates. Thanks for the idea.

    I think you guys are brilliant

    do u have a video for this??

    Yes...since this project needs only small amount of pressure, pedalling effort is almost practically negligible. Good idea...good work.

    Not bad ,but when we open the door , door cant close correctly . I think

    2 replies

    Can't say about various types of door locks out there in the market, but the lock installed on my door works perfectly. There is one think though, the door needs to be closed by someone because this only a "opener" not a "closure" project. I hope i have answered your question.


    Yee , absolotly

    I would suggest you interchange your set up. The small syringe is the commander and the big one is the lock opener. Less effort is needed by your foot to press the pedal. PV=W

    3 replies

    Then we need atleast two small syringes according to physics. Thereby "More cost"!!!!

    Nope...it depends on how far the lock opener needs to travel to open the lock. If you have 10 ml commander and 50 ml opener, your ratio is 5:1. You need to press the small syringe 5 cm for the big syringe plunger to travel 1 cm approximately.

    I think what you say is possible. But in order to move the locking mechanism to move (say about 5 cm), i will need to press the peal 25 cm which is impractical cause the pedal must be as small as possible and also discreet. Well i will keep you updated if i try out another one with your idea.