Hydraulic robot made of cardboard and scotch duct tape.

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Picture of Hydraulic robot made of cardboard and scotch duct tape.
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I always wanted to do this project but in all the guides i always found that you need some kind of wood cutting skills and/or tools. So … I decided to make a simple hydraulic robot with cardboard, reinforce and hold by duct tape that anyone can do.
Duct tape not only is strong but also looks pretty cool; it gives the robot a cool metal like look and it holds everything together really good.

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Step 1: What you are going to need!

- Cardboard box (the harder the better, I used a pizza box but you can used any type because we are going to reinforced with the duct tape)
- Scotch Duct tape (I like the silver because the metal like look)
- 3 machine screws 3 inches in size with nuts
- 2 machine screws 1 ¼ inches in size with nuts
- A flat and square piece is wood ideally 12 inches by 12 inches for the base to attach the robot
- 8 syringes (you can get them at any pharmacy without prescription just say you need the type that is use for cough medicine, you can’t put a needle on those. I got mines at CVS and Walgreens for free)
- 6 feet of clear tubing ¼ “x .170” (got mine at home depot for $3)
- Water
- Scissor
- Ruler
- Pen
- Drill
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rstackhouse2 months ago

After already having purchased hardware for this project, I see we used the same diameter & thread pitch (#10-32) screws (I didn't see the package with the size on it in the photo before), but you might consider putting the diameter & thread pitch in addition to the length in the instructions to eliminate guesswork.

adavis823 months ago
Has this problem been solved before if yes how can you apply the information to your solution? Include material and machanisms or devices in your answer if no then include the materials and mechanisms or devices that would use to solve the problem
peanutman1923 months ago

what is your research question

what is your hypothesis

what is your independent variable

what is your dependent varible please respon

swapnil19972 years ago
how to fill the water in tube can u just tell me.....we are trying but the air gets in so how to do it just tell us .....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so that our project get selected for science fair....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

take the push tab out of both syringes, then connect them by a tube, fill the tube with water and place one of the tabs into its respective syringe. Then fill the other syringe with water over a sink, allowing the water to overflow and when it begins to overflow insert the other push tab while the water is flowing.

for 10ml syringes:
1. Fill up one syringe all of the way
2. attach the tubing and push water through it to remove air
3. with the end of the tubing submerged, fill back up to 10ml
4. attach the other syringe. You now have a simple hydraulic system

For smaller than 10ml you may need to remove air from the tubing by utilizing the siphon principle

Hope this helps!
parth3319994 months ago

nice one..................its awesome but i am having problem with the syringes

there air is remaining in the syringes so its not working properly

plse reply ............................................what to do!!!!!

parth3319994 months ago

nice one..................its awesome but i am having problem with the syringes

there air is remaining in the syringes so its not working properly

plse reply ............................................what to do!!!!!

parth3319994 months ago
also, the water keeps leaking out of the syringes. how did you attach the tubes and syringes together?

u might be using syringes with the wrong type of nozzle

Nelson_Yepez (author)  johnnyalbrite3 years ago
Thanks, the way you set up the tubes it up to you. The only really advise i can give you is make sure that the tube is long enough, the best way is to measure with all the parts of the arm fully stretched out.
As far as holding the syringes, the diameter of my tube happened to fit perfect the tip of my syringe, not to tight not to loose. If this is not your case you can just use some hot glue gun.

good luck with your science fair.
rahuln30003 years ago
its really cool but i think it would be really helpful if u put the template original size co that we can print it out especially for the claw it is really confusing.
but its a reallly cool and time passing activity thanks.
rehman0078699 made it! rahuln30005 months ago

Relax don't worry if u have an ipod touch or any touch device, set its brightness to full, open the picture of the claw template and trace on a piece of paper the claw. so yeah, Apple ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSS! (I did it in the same way, for last years science fair and it was gr8)

nice instrutable...... i enjoyed doin it.....
manasisgreat10 months ago
nroy71 year ago
pchua11 year ago
COOL!! Can you please give me your e-mail so I can keep in touch with you? I will try to do this tomorrow! PLEASE!
pchua11 year ago
COOL!! Can you please give me your e-mail so I can keep in touch with you? I try to this tomorrow! PLEASE!
vtadepalli1 year ago
wow this is reallly coooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really Terrible. My dog went into my lap and took a poo and his peepee fell off than he died
araish1 year ago
i just want to know that.......where did u get these colourful pins
u cn get it at ur local stationers'
Prerit221 year ago
Where can you get plastic tubes from ?????.?
awesome robotic/hydrolic arm! How much weight does can it hold up to?
So good... well done... great pictures! Thanks for posting!
So good... well done... great pictures! Thanks for posting!
what do we need about dill

swapnil19972 years ago
HATS OFF TO YOU SIR .........THE HYDRAULIC STRUCTURE IS SUPERB..........HATS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HATS OFF..........GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!....
jsmichinski2 years ago
Right? i thought at first that mabye the wire is sturdy, so it wont bend and friction will move it??? but im not entirely sure
hshah72 years ago
Hey Nelson its really good to guide any ..I..I really like it
and did you any level projects?
cjrockz2 years ago
Thanks so much we had to build a hyrdrolic robot for technology and my group was stuck on what to do until we saw this!! It hasnt been marked yet but hoping for really good marks it looks so cool!! Thanks again
thanks a lot sir. i was in a big confusion to make a project for physics. and you have made my day today. once again thanks. please bless me to complete it successfully. and sir i need some similar nice nice projects for biology and geography too. in geography the topic given to us is globalization.sir pls reply soon.
Fantastic. Way to go!!!!
Sooraj C2 years ago
This is fantastic and useful can u sent this into my account please
my account
vfabrero3 years ago
your project is fantastic...very innovative........good job.
doomday3413 years ago
im almost done with this project, but i altered it and added this --->
Justdoofus3 years ago
You are extraordinarily endowed, my friend. I am pleased to see things like this being made. It truly puts a smile on my face. I like the initiative of using syringes and water. I tried air, and that worked virtuous too. A reduced amount of weight that it could lift, nevertheless.. it works.
what are the strings for and how do ypou put them on?
johnny <3
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