Step 2: Draw the template

Picture of Draw the template
Now draw the template on the cardboard, these are the measures that I used but you can change them to make a smaller or bigger robot.
From the template cut out:
2 x A piece
2 X B piece
2 x C piece
2 x D piece
1 x E piece
These are the main parts of the body and the rest of the parts are going to be made as you go because they depend on the thickness of your cardboard and how many layers of duct tape you use. Because I used thick pizza box I only needed one layer.

what is your research question

what is your hypothesis

what is your independent variable

what is your dependent varible please respon

Prerit223 years ago
Where can you get plastic tubes from ?????.?
rahuln30004 years ago
its really cool but i think it would be really helpful if u put the template original size co that we can print it out especially for the claw it is really confusing.
but its a reallly cool and time passing activity thanks.
bigbum4 years ago
On your C part have you left out a Measurement wear it gose down
to 1/2" should this be 1 1/2" ?
Nelson_Yepez (author)  bigbum4 years ago
i corrected it because in the robot with 1 1/2" when you put the cube that holds the claw, the 1 1/2" is to tall and does not let the claw open. if you make it 1/2 its exactly the same height of the cube that holds the claw so the claw can open all the way.

look at step 8:
-Picture 3 the sides are higher that the claw holder, claw cant open
-Picture 4 sides are modified to be flush with the claw holder, claw can open freely
anthology4 years ago
where i can find your assistante ?? ^^