Step 2: Draw the template

Now draw the template on the cardboard, these are the measures that I used but you can change them to make a smaller or bigger robot.
From the template cut out:
2 x A piece
2 X B piece
2 x C piece
2 x D piece
1 x E piece
These are the main parts of the body and the rest of the parts are going to be made as you go because they depend on the thickness of your cardboard and how many layers of duct tape you use. Because I used thick pizza box I only needed one layer.
Its very cool and very good for Exhibition everyone should make it.<br>best of luck for making.<br>I am making this tooooo.
<p>i made the hydraulic arm at home for my science project</p>
<p>awesome...love this....just when i was looking for a good project...thnx for posting this...</p>
Very excellent project 11/10
<p>Me and my dad are doing this but we are stuck on step the where you put on the cube for C+CUBE+C part. any help? plz</p>
<p>Cool. I'll build it at home.</p>
<p>will this affect the size of screws needed</p>
<p>guys i am going to substitute tt about he cardboard with wood so it will be able to lift about 1.75 kgs</p>
<p>Nice project </p><p>Just wanted to ask what volume of syringes were used(other than 5ml;i have seen the photo )</p><p>And what can be done if duct tape is not available?</p>
<p>I actually make these with my tech ed class at school.. I use 5's, 10's, and 20's. Uncertain as to what to do in regards to having no duct tape available.. Perhaps popsicle sticks and hot glue, with mini bolts and nuts to hold moving parts together? </p>
<p>Please help</p>
<p>is it binding on anything? You have them filled with water, right? Ensure they are not rubbing on anything. Also, are you using both syringes of the same size? If you are pulling on a smaller diameter syringe to move a bigger syringe, you will have to pull much harder depending on differences in diameter.</p>
<p>when i pull out in the syringe, the other syringe doesn't push in. Can you please help me?</p>
<p>woo hooo</p>
<p>what date do you do this? is that im doing this scienproject?</p>
It's amazing <br>
<p>this is the best one among all i have explored on this site </p><p>you are simply awesome like it </p>
<p>Looks great!</p>
Does anyone know whether 1 tbsp syringes work or if 2 tbsp. (10ml) are needed?
<p>thank you so much. this is gonna be perfect for my finals :)</p>
<p>ducktape makes it heavier just like nuts and bolts</p>
<p>i am making it for a school project</p>
Hey my friends and I r going to make this but can someone tell me if it's possible to remove the claw and put an electro magnet which will be connected to a battery....... Thnx in advance
Thanks not for telling guys
Thank you for sharing this!!!
<p>THIS is awesome, but can u tell me what is the amount of the syringe used to fill water (ml or cm3)</p>
<p>#Making it for techfest</p>
I made the project for science exhibition and everyone were amazed to see it thank you!!!
<p>nice project,but complicated.</p>
<p>my best friend and i are going to make this ! please wish us the best of luck guys.....</p>
<p>jturjjjenhwkkjjn eukj ruioi wiuoi;wujo;</p>
<p>this is really cool i made on of these last year. it was fun till it started leaking after several hours of hard use. i should have used hot glue on it to protect from too much pressure and syringes exploding. i also tried adding a tiny pump for automation and broke some tubing. anyway a fun simple project with room for making better and better. </p>
<p>After already having purchased hardware for this project, I see we used the same diameter &amp; thread pitch (#10-32) screws (I didn't see the package with the size on it in the photo before), but you might consider putting the diameter &amp; thread pitch in addition to the length in the instructions to eliminate guesswork.</p>
Has this problem been solved before if yes how can you apply the information to your solution? Include material and machanisms or devices in your answer if no then include the materials and mechanisms or devices that would use to solve the problem
<p>what is your research question </p><p>what is your hypothesis</p><p>what is your independent variable</p><p>what is your dependent varible please respon<br></p>
how to fill the water in tube can u just tell me.....we are trying but the air gets in so how to do it just tell us .....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so that our project get selected for science fair....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<p>take the push tab out of both syringes, then connect them by a tube, fill the tube with water and place one of the tabs into its respective syringe. Then fill the other syringe with water over a sink, allowing the water to overflow and when it begins to overflow insert the other push tab while the water is flowing.</p>
for 10ml syringes:<br>1. Fill up one syringe all of the way<br>2. attach the tubing and push water through it to remove air<br>3. with the end of the tubing submerged, fill back up to 10ml<br>4. attach the other syringe. You now have a simple hydraulic system<br><br>For smaller than 10ml you may need to remove air from the tubing by utilizing the siphon principle<br><br>Hope this helps!
<p>nice one..................its awesome but i am having problem with the syringes </p><p>there air is remaining in the syringes so its not working properly </p><p>plse reply ............................................what to do!!!!!</p>
<p>nice one..................its awesome but i am having problem with the syringes </p><p>there air is remaining in the syringes so its not working properly </p><p>plse reply ............................................what to do!!!!!</p>
also, the water keeps leaking out of the syringes. how did you attach the tubes and syringes together?
<p>u might be using syringes with the wrong type of nozzle</p>
Thanks, the way you set up the tubes it up to you. The only really advise i can give you is make sure that the tube is long enough, the best way is to measure with all the parts of the arm fully stretched out.<br>As far as holding the syringes, the diameter of my tube happened to fit perfect the tip of my syringe, not to tight not to loose. If this is not your case you can just use some hot glue gun.<br><br>good luck with your science fair.
its really cool but i think it would be really helpful if u put the template original size co that we can print it out especially for the claw it is really confusing. <br>but its a reallly cool and time passing activity thanks.

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