Picture of Hydraulically Powered Arcade Claw
Hello builders.
This is my first instructable, I am 12. Over spring break, I built a hydraulically powered arcade claw. This is my first attempt so I made some errors and mistakes. This project allows creativity and freedom for the builder.  My directions are specific, but different designs can be used; a different number of joints can be used to fit a bigger or smaller box, etc.  I highly recommend  arcade claw #2 for its design and weight. Also, on arm #2, the pictures can get confusing because I used only 2 joints instead of the 3 joints that the instructions tell you to make. Before you start building, scroll through my pictures of different joints, arm, and claw designs.

Ps, Please vote for me in the robot challenge. Heres the link http://www.instructables.com/contest/robot2012/?show=ENTRIES

Warning: Some of the materials and tools are capable of hurting the operator, so please be careful. Any injuries resulting from this project cannot be blamed on me.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
Please note: Not all of the tools and materials listed are needed for this project.  Something similar or different that works can be used with success.

*Band saw
*Table saw
*Side cutters
*Drill Press and bits
*Belt sander
*Sand paper
*Hot glue gun
*Hot Knife
*Box cutter


*About 50 popsicle (craft) sticks
*Wood skewers
*About 20 3/4'' by 3/4" wood cubes rounded on one side with a hole that fits the wooden skewers (about 3/16 drill bit) drilled through one side (see picture)
*A big box
*Only for claw #1. Three 2" diameter thin wood circles (I used these to reinforce the arm's hinges)
*Ten 10ml syringes
*Thick vinyl tubing that fits your syringe tightly
*Various wood scraps for a base and brace
*Hot glue
*Cable ties
*Duct tape
*Masking tape
*Spray paint and cardboard stencil for decoration
*Only for arm #1. I think this is called a flex fold 2 hinge but I know it is found at Tap Plastics. (I called it a flexible joint in the picture)

PriscillaW14 months ago

Really Cool, but I have a project with only 4-8 popsicle sticks ... ;( I have no clue of what to do..

kshitizc11 months ago

if you are really 12 then you are a no doubt a hero.

OjoeMDC1 year ago
oh yeah, you actually spell things right!! Unlike somepeople.
OjoeMDC1 year ago
There are 3 reasons why you're amazing 1. you built the arcade machine which is completely amazing 2. You are 12 like me. And 3. I forgot. ...
this is awesom thank you
adale1232 years ago
whoa whoa whoa.... How can "I" build "this"!!!! Btw...this is Awesome...or Sparta whatever.
aaronXtreme2 years ago
totaly awsome
seraine3 years ago
This is almost exactly what I was going to submit... Back to the drawing board, I suppose.
TheBuildingGuy (author)  seraine3 years ago
Thats too bad, sorry for the inconvenience.
lynb1bunny3 years ago
Nice project. It was great to see it in operation! Scientists and engineers make a living doing fun stuff like this.

erska13 years ago
Wow! Science, engineering and a well written tutorial.Way to go!! I can't wait to see what you build next.
jericakin3 years ago
Most impressive. Especially since I'm not allowed to use power tools. I still struggle with the vacuum. Glad to see part of the family can blend creativity with building skills.
Egardiner3 years ago
Great job Henry. I think you might become a scientist.
TheBuildingGuy (author)  Egardiner3 years ago
Thanks, this was a really fun project.
Very cool project! Thanks for posting!
TheBuildingGuy (author) 3 years ago
Thanks, it can take a long time to build but it has great results.
This is awesome! A seriously great idea.