This mod will enable the hydro cannon to have switchable barrels. There are paintball, airsoft, and varying nerf barrel length to choose from.

Step 1: Buy (if You Don't Already Own) a Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Cannon

Buy it.
<p>i used a super soaker shotblast it worked just as well</p>
cool, I'll have to look up the gun
Maybe, 150-300 feet airsoft. 100-200 nerf
HOLY I DON'T KNOW WHAT!!! THAT'S AWESOME!!! It's almost like a Titan mod!!! Great job! <br> <br>Btw saying &quot;@soandso&quot; doesnt work on this site... You have to click the reply button, but if you are using the app, there is not reply button... I dunno... :\ <br> <br>Good job though! I'm gonna sub you!
This is cool! Do you know the range? (with nerf darts)

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