Picture of Hydrogen Gas Torch
The hydrogen gas cutter uses only water and electricity to create an extremely hot flame that can be used for welding and cutting. i came up with the idea when my dad showed me a hydrogen gas generator that people commonly use for increasing there cars mileage. i though, why no put a braising tip on the end of a pipe connected to the gas chamber to create a flame.

i will take no responsibility for what you do with this invention, it can be dangerous if used incorrectly or irresponsibly

(i always wanted to do a disclaimer )

Step 1: What you need

firstly, to build it this is what you 

a fluid tight container (i made mine out of perspex)
if making a perspex container then a grinder or cutter of some sort
a power source (i used a car battery 12v 20amp hours, u could use a power supply, but straight 240/110v is to dangerous)
stainless/galvenised steel sheet
a vice (can be useful)
rubber hose/tube (i used 6mm)
copper tube (a little shorter than a hand) or braising head
hot glue gun (and glue of course)
spacers bout 1-2 mm (u can use washer, o-rings, wat ever)
silicon glue
soldering iron & solder
2 bolts/ thick screws
peach container, jam jar ect
conductive leads
baking soda

now your ready to build!
arvevans4 months ago

Is this a hydrogen system, or maybe a more common HOH or "Browns Gas" generator and torch? To make separated hydrogen and oxygen you can put the plates in separate containers with a water and electrical current path between them at the bottom. That way Hydrogen can be collected from one side and oxygen from the other.

Hydrogen is much safer than the combined hydrogen and oxygen known as "Browns Gas". Hydrogen is much lighter, burns "upward", and is not as explosive as the HOH mix known as Browns Gas.

sdfgeoff2 years ago
Sealed it with solder! Doesn't the solder re-melt when you use it?
Great intstructable
I've seen hho/ hydrogen torches for sale and most of them offer something to put in the bubbler water to make the flame visible. Would you suggest doing the same with this set up? Would adding powdered metal (copper, magnesium, iron etc...) Be beneficial?
makincoolstuff (author)  Chocolate Moose3 years ago
i havent heard of people trying to make the flame visible but i guess you could try bubbling it through salty water or mineral turpentine. i have heard of people bubbling through acetone though, something to do with increasing weld quality
gabdab3 years ago
What thickness can it weld ?
Blo0dZsTa3 years ago
was wondering do you use this yourself?? and this looks really kool lol you taught me how to make hydrogen 0.0.....
tyeo0984 years ago
Show us some pics of it lit up!
makincoolstuff (author)  tyeo0984 years ago
it is in the main pic
killbox4 years ago
Hydrogen wont collect much, its so light it goes right to the roof, and small enough molecule it will get out and head for space.
rickharris4 years ago
How much hydrogen are you producing?

How are you separating the hydrogen and oxygen that is generated?

You may want/need to uprate your flash back arrestor.

HHO is very explosive and even the small amount in your bubbler could give you a nasty surprise.

If someone wanted to repeat this you would have to give a lot more detail about your project. Ideally show it at work.

And finally the idea has been around for a long time and is commercially exploited.