Introduction: Hydrogen Peroxide Backyard Experiment

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Step 1: Supplies

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Whatever you want to mix with hydrogen peroxide I use the following:
1. Household surface cleaning spray
2. Spray sunscreen
3. Antibacterial hand soap
4. Water
1. Hydrogen peroxide
2. Four clean bowls for mixing
3. Dirty Brick or stone outside
4. Gloves
5. You should probably wear a mask because the vapors may be toxic

Step 2: Mixing

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1. Put the substances you are going to mix with the hydrogen peroxide In the separate bowls
2. Pour the hydrogen peroxide in with them

Step 3: See the Fizz

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Pour the mixtures onto the stone one at a time and in between pouring on the mixtures rinse well with water to have accurate results

The mixtures will fizz and you can see which one fizzes the most

Step 4: Take It to the Next Level

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You can play the ratios of hydrogen to the other substances and you can try more substances

Another experiment you could conduct with hydrogen peroxide is using different objects to see which one got bleached the most

Step 5: Follow Me, Like, and Check Out My YouTube Channel EmiSkate

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Bye and thanks for viewing!!:)
Comment on which one fizzed the most and tell me if there is anything wrong
:) :) :) :D


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cool trick.

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