Step 13: Planting time!

I wanted to have plants in my setup quickly, and I couldn't wait for seeds, so I liberated some dirt based seedlings!

Before you work on the plants, you will need to get your planting mediums ready.

I mixed perlite and vermiculite in a 50/50 mix, to provide good aeration and water retention.
If you aren't doing the potatoes later, you don't need anywhere near as much as I have there (a 12 litre bucket).

If you have the time, you will get best results by growing from seeds, but if you are impatient like me, then buy some seedlings and follow on.

Pop your plant out of it's tray, and gently remove as much dirt with your fingers as you can, all the while trying not to disturb the roots too much. (picture 3)

With a bucket of plain water, dip the plant roots in and gently wash the dirt away.
You won't get it all, but do your best. (picture 4)
If the roots are tangled (like with my celery), you will need to slowly pull the plants apart, do your best being careful with the roots. (picture 5)

Now, grab your cup with already washed clay balls at the bottom, hold your plant in there, and pour in your medium mix. (picture 6)

When you are done, you should have a plant that can hold itself up (picture 7), if not, pack it down a little more.

You should give the cup (with plant in it) a quick dunk in the water bucket, and then move it to it's new home in the PVC pipe (picture 8)
So if I use seeds instead, how far in there should I put them? Will the water running through the PVC pipes somehow reach the seed to water it at all? Sorry if the question is a bit silly, but I'm still pretty new to the world of Hydroponics, lol. ^.^''
NathanWilliams (author)  stagnantpathos5 years ago
 Place the seed halfway into the cup, and water it lightly with plain water (no nutrients) daily.
Just a light water, don't soak them.

Check them, and once you see the roots coming out the bottom of the cup, they should be fine.
The roots don't have to reach the water stream, they will have enough moisture in the air to grow down towards the stream.

Good Luck!
thumpergirl6 years ago
oopsies..i flagged you when i meant to favs you.sorry.this is fantastic and completely ingenius.what a great recycling project!!very time consuming but you went through all the trial and errors for us!!