Step 5: Making the cut

Picture of Making the cut
Start by putting the end caps on your pipe.
This will give you a safe area to cut in.

Get a piece of tape, and run it along the pipe, making a straight line.
It doesn't need to be perfect, but you will need the cups to line up for the most part.

Now, move the template along this line, making a mark in the two holes.
When you move to the second spot, line the first hole up with the mark left by the template.
Do this the whole way along.

When you are done, remove the tape, and go back and draw in the circles.
I used a black CD marker, but anything that will draw on PVC pipes will do.

Now, get your drill bit ready!
Drill small holes to mark out the circle.
The closer they are, they easier the next step is.

Now push your drill bit, slowly from hole to hole, just connect the dots until the middle drops out.

The result is a bit rough, but put a cup in, and figure out what needs cleaning up.

Get your dremmel tool, with a grinding head and clean up the hole until the cup fits as you wanted it too.
This is messy, don't breath in while you do it, protect your eyes, and expect to look a bit like a snowman by the end of it all!

Do this for all your pipe.

My two strawberry pipes, I did 10 cups in each.
The other two, I wanted more spacing (for the lettuce for example), so I put only 3 cups in, equally spaced.
jeff-o6 years ago
A proper hole saw would make this step easier. They're expensive at that large of a diameter, though...
The hole drill bits are relatively inexpensive actually- I purchase a 4" ( much larger than need here) high end one for under $10.00. If you use it over and over again it is a great investment, and huge time saver. No drilling little wholes then smoothing- just do it all in one shot.

I really wish I read this before spending 2+ hours cutting holes with my dremel

diyforever6 years ago
A cheap jig saw works wonders also. Just drill a hole large enough for the Jig Saw blade to fit through and saw your hole out smooth and easy. You have a great idea with the whole system. Keep it up! Mike
I don't know where you live but Harbor Freight has large hole saw sets that are inexpensive.
You could start with French drain PVC and save yourself the trouble of making the holes in the first place: just enlarge them. Interesting idea.