Introduction: Hydroponic Smart Garden

ERB, the hydroponic smart garden, is a product designed to continue educating and engaging people with their food.

Step 1: Rapid Protoype

Initially prototyped in foam core, this model helped get feedback from users about basic aesthetic appearance.

Step 2: Electronic Protoyping

So many circuit boards.! Thanks to the Othermill I was able to quickly iterate through multiple designs, radically changing PCB layout and board components along the way.

Step 3: Final Prototype

Going from foam core to fiberglass was amazing! To see ERB watertight for the first time and then actively responding to SMS messages was just beautiful.

Step 4: Reflection

The true amount of iteration that goes into just a prototype like this makes you respect the craft that much more. I hope to be doing this for a variety of products in the future :) Thanks for checking out ERB!


DeclanM7 made it!(author)2017-02-26

How much would it cost to build?

Akin+Yildiz made it!(author)2015-02-20

hello sir, nice stuff.. are you familiar with my work ?


i haven't yet implemented an automatic watering system however, box1 will have this option soon.


thank you for sharing, i am actually in the process of making a custom mold as well


tomatoskins made it!(author)2015-02-18

This looks beautifully!

Souravdev made it!(author)2015-02-18

Good idea but some electronics didn't work properly.

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