Hydroponic Veggies





Introduction: Hydroponic Veggies

I read online somewhere that you can take the cut-off ends of your green onions and lettuce heads, stick them in water, and re-grow your produce. This is cool because the energy barrier between what you already do (buy these things) and growing them was basically nothing. You literally take the used-up ends you were going to throw in the compost, and you put them in a bowl of water.

Mine have been going for about a week now. Look how great this is!

Note on the lettuce: you can see that only one of them is growing. I guess you have to leave a couple of baby leaves on for this to work.



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    yeah but what nutrients are the plants getting lol? I mean you could always replant if thats what you had in mind

    I was doing this mostly as an experiment, to see if it would work. However, if you want to grow them this way long-term, there are all sorts of nutrient additives you can put in the water– Google it, or ask a local florist!

    Wow, thank you very much for this. My mom loved how simple and how cool it looks. Besides, she's an eco-woman so this was even cooler for her. We had some porcelain figurines laying around and we're going to use them for our Hydroponic project. Thanks again.

    FUN project! Check out my Romaine after 16 days:


    lol... pretty soon I'll have enough for a free salad! ;-D

    I started cooking loads more red/yellow/orange/green bell peppers and jalapeno peppers due to a new low potassium diet for my mum and started tossing the pepper seeds into a planter and will see what comes of it, but they sprout up really quickly-soaking a celery root stub now to plant with some of the little garlic cloves from the center of the bulbs to see how that goes

    I shared this with my daughter and she loved it! I thought I would give you some feed back because I know she didn't post a comment! Thanks again for sharing!