Step 10: Pests

This is a whole other instructable which will come shortly. But to give you an idea -- there are plenty of non toxic methods (even non chemical) of dealing with pests that may arrive.
kenammons4 months ago
I've heard that most insects do not like Diatomaceous Earth (DE). It is basically inert, Silicon Dioxide. From what I gather, it does not chemically kill them. For an insect, being exposed to DE is like being coated in razorblades - it works its way into their chitin and delivers death by a thousand paper-cuts. As far as its effects on humans - it is in Bisquick (it has no effect on our physiology). Anyhow, I wonder if this might be an effect pest control?
Peppermint Tea, Insecticidal soap, tobacco tea, and others all work in my outdoor garden. The difference here is that anything you add to your plants will end up in your nutrient solution until the day you change it out. That being said, be very careful to check pH levels after using ANY pest control solution. As for the insecticidal soap, I don't think I'd use that in any hydro/aero unit for fear of soap bubbles in the system.
LuAnna6 years ago
I have used the following two solutions on my garden plants: 1) peppermint tea (cooled) sprayed onto plants using a squirt bottle. 2) a very dilute solution of dish soap and water (about 1 tsp per gallon of water), also sprayed onto plants. I have heard criticisms about the dish soap method- that it may damage some plants, but I have not had this experience myself.
I've heard that a "tea" made from a tobacco plant, then sprayed on your other plants, will prevent pests, but I've never tried it. Hope this helps!