Hylian Shield Refrigerator Magnet





Introduction: Hylian Shield Refrigerator Magnet

So back when I was buying my ocarinas, I came across this little thing. A Hylian Shield Mints tin! I just had to have it. When I finished all the mints, I wanted to find another purpose for it, and this is the end result. A fridge magnet. I must say it's the coolest refrigerator magnet I've ever seen.

What I did- Cut out this shape from a normal thick fridge magnet and hot glued that to the back of the mints tin.

Where did I buy the mints?



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    Hey I have one of these they are really cool!

    Heh I picked up one through Thinkgeek when ordering some things for my dad...I ate through the whole tin of mints in a day...
    The tin does look pretty good, though. Good memories.