Picture of Hylian Shield - Zelda - Link
I made this last year for my son's Halloween costume. Gallery here... Link Costume

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Step 1: Getting started

I found a black and white version of the shield online. Printed it off and cut out the shapes from the paper. Then we just drew out each shape on the correct color foam and cut them out.

Step 2: Putting it together.

Picture of Putting it together.
I cut out a piece of masonite and blue foam in the shape of the shield and glued them together. Then I laid everything out to make sure it looked right and started gluing on 1 piece at a time.

Step 4: The possibilities are endless.

Picture of The possibilities are endless.
I also made this family crest using the same technique. It was for a school project for one of the boys but I kind of took it over. It is completely made up. You can use this same process to make any kind of shield you want.
mmathias24 months ago
Amazing! The reflective tape was quite an imaginative addition as well. I will definitely use this for a hard shield!