Step 15: Software Ephemeris With Python and the PyEphem Lib

I needed a Fundamental Ephemeris for this piece to track the Sun and the Moon so I don't need to be connected to the internet. A fellow AiR, Robb Godshaw, recommended I check out PyEphem, a Python library that is based on XEphem, an astronomical software ephemeris.

With ephemScript.py, we can query the Sun and Moon positions which return altitude and azimuth which are then called and converted to spherical coordinates from C++ to place the lights in the scene.

def getSunAzimuth(time)
def getSunAltitude(time)
def getMoonAzimuth(time)
def getMoonAltitude(time)
<p>amazing, me and my friend are going to make it at our school</p>
<p>Amaizing project. </p>
<p>Whoa. Interesting bit about the sun-bleached ABS -- it's quite beautiful!</p>
<p>truly amazing process. </p>
<p>congrats Gabe! Looks so great man! Love the design &amp; process!</p>
so difficultT_T
this is so beautiful
<p>Very, very cool project! I really enjoyed reading your process in making this. </p>

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