Step 24: Waterjetting Mitre Panels

With Pier9's WaterJet, I was able to CNC cut the remaining 4 mitred panels from plywood with the A-Jet 5-Axis waterjet head. I could have made a table saw jig for this as well, but the prospect of cutting mitres on the water jet was too tempting to pass up, and they turned out so clean! I mean, when you have access to a water jet...

Cutting material on the water jet invariably gets it wet, but my parts were fine after washing the garnet off and letting them dry. Pre-finishing the wood with polyurethane or wax is a good technique to keep the garnet from staining the wood, which it definitely does. I didn't care too much about this as I planned to finish it with paint.

I imported my shapes to Omax Intellicam/Make/Layout following fellow AiR qDot's great Instructable on making 5-axis cuts on the waterjet.

<p>amazing, me and my friend are going to make it at our school</p>
<p>Amaizing project. </p>
<p>Whoa. Interesting bit about the sun-bleached ABS -- it's quite beautiful!</p>
<p>truly amazing process. </p>
<p>congrats Gabe! Looks so great man! Love the design &amp; process!</p>
so difficultT_T
this is so beautiful
<p>Very, very cool project! I really enjoyed reading your process in making this. </p>

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