Step 34: Projector Mask

In order to create a mask, I plugged the projector into a ceiling outlet and set it inside the crown assembly, and got the mirror calibrated. When I turned it on, and set up the mirror assembly, I taped a piece of paper underneath to trace out the mask with pencil.

Once I had the trace, I created the shape in Adobe Illustrator and laser-cut the mask out of 1/8" white acrylic.

I used a series of neodymium magnets so there would be no visible fasteners, and as a bonus I can remove the mask easily if I ever need to access the projector from the underside.

Also during this step, I created supports for the sculpture in the base. After a little trimming of the edges, I made it fit flush in the square recess.

<p>amazing, me and my friend are going to make it at our school</p>
<p>Amaizing project. </p>
<p>Whoa. Interesting bit about the sun-bleached ABS -- it's quite beautiful!</p>
<p>truly amazing process. </p>
<p>congrats Gabe! Looks so great man! Love the design &amp; process!</p>
so difficultT_T
this is so beautiful
<p>Very, very cool project! I really enjoyed reading your process in making this. </p>

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