Step 41: Complete!

I've hit all the base milestones I originally set out to do, and it definitely feels "done". But, is it ever really done.... ?

Some things I'm still working on:

  • Apply some sort of finish to the primed white surface, as any time I handle it I'm getting it dirty.
  • Create a cap for the crown to cover the unsightly electronics. I'll probably add an acyclic cap with vents.
  • Some software tweaks, of course (endless!)

Special thanks to all the other AiR's and everyone at Pier9 for being so incredibly supportive and inspiring during the making of this project. I had the freedom to let my design to evolve as I worked on it, and it was so great to get such valuable input and feedback along the way to support my own process of learning by making.

If you have any feedback or questions, I'll try to respond in the comments.

(Video coming soon!)

Thanks for looking!

<p>amazing, me and my friend are going to make it at our school</p>
<p>Amaizing project. </p>
<p>Whoa. Interesting bit about the sun-bleached ABS -- it's quite beautiful!</p>
<p>truly amazing process. </p>
<p>congrats Gabe! Looks so great man! Love the design &amp; process!</p>
so difficultT_T
this is so beautiful
<p>Very, very cool project! I really enjoyed reading your process in making this. </p>

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