HyperSpin - Complete Home Arcade!





Introduction: HyperSpin - Complete Home Arcade!

HyperSpin is a complete Arcade or Entertainment Package, It plays EVERY game EVER invented. Plus Movies, Music and other media such as Fruit Machines.

It can be run from your home, office or even inside and actual Arcade Cabinet! I take you through each step to ensure you have every game system, arcade system and computer system up and running and looking good.

Just give it a view and you will see the power you have with your joystick!


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got to say fantastic tutorial no mind draining waffle like in other tutorials, Straight, Direct and perfectly accurate..... what a guy Simply Austin..... total legend

hmmm. having problems with updating RLUI error downloading file Daemon\RocketLauncher\Daemon.exe dont know why but fails at that point evrytime i try to update.

first of all needs a pc? or can be done with pi3 ? needs more muscle to play all the games without lag?

and what is the space required for this? like 200GB? or so?


Can't thank you enough for this incredibly thorough video. I tried to do a lot of this on my own at first and it was quite frustrating. Thanks for walking through the process and for the added humour throughout. Looking forward to the rest of your videos!

Top instructable mate. Made it easy as to install because you ran through EVERY step not just skipped over everything. Makes it less daunting for the ones doing this for the first time.
I think this may take over my retroarch setup

Freaking awesome. Can't wait to finish my set up.

Thank you very much for your help.

your video is awesome

Brilliant stuff, but please reduce volume of background music. Maybe because I'm as aspie, it is soooo distracting and makes it hard to follow. :)

Thank you very much for your help.

Great tutorial!