I Bread





Introduction: I Bread

How to bake fresh bread quick and easy.

As with any instructable, You can easily modify the recipe for any type of bread.
Also you can refrigerate the dough in a plastic bag(s) for several days
for future use. I have formed the dough into pizza shells and
froze them with good results. With everything called I or My, why not I BREAD !!!

Step 1: Gather Ingredients Needed

for a 2 loaf batch (or other use pizza, rolls ,etc)

Kitchen Aid Mixer with wire whip and dough hook
a little over 2 cups water
6 cups flour
1 egg
1 packet of premix ingredients*

*see my instructable
Pre Mix your favorite receipe and save time

content of packet
2 packages dry yeast
1 tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

Step 2: Combine the Packet of Ingredients With 3 Cups Flour

In the Kitchen Aid mixer combine the dry ingredient packet with 3 cups flour and mix together

Step 3: Add the Water, Heated to 130 Degrees F, and Beat

Heat the water to 130 degrees F using a thermometer.
Add to flour mixture and beat several minutes.
once you know how many minutes it takes to get water to 130 F
in your microwave you won't have to use the thermometer.
Mine takes about 3 minutes for 2 cups of water.
Too hot water will kill the yeast, to cold will not activate the yeast.
this is known as easy mix method, and you are not adding the hot water directly to the yeast so 130F will not kill the yeast. If proofing yeast alone directly with water then use water at 110-115F.

Step 4: Add the Egg and Continue to Beat

Add the Egg and continue to beat.
You could omit this step but I find that it gives the dough better texture and bulk.

Step 5: Add Remaining Flour and Mix With the Dough Hook

Add the remaining flour, about 3 cups.

finish the mixing with the dough hook at slow speed
till the dough comes together, you may have to add
a bit more flour along the way

Step 6: Cover and Let the Dough Rise in the Mixer Bowl.

Stop the mixer and cover the bowl.
let the dough double in size about 45-60 minutes.

for really quick bread you can remove the dough and form into
loaves at this point.The bread will be a denser texture .

Step 7: Pulse the Mixer to Punch Down the Dough, Form Into Loaves,let Rise Again

Step 8: Bake and Enjoy Fresh Bread

400 - 425 degrees F about anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes depending
on how dark you like the crust.

You will enjoy the aroma and taste of fresh baked bread and by using the pre-mixed packet
system you don't have to measure the ingredients for every batch.



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    The recipe doesn't say how long to rise the second time and weather or not to spray the loaf pans. So i let them rise 30 minutes the second rise and sprayed the pans. Also I use jarred yeast it doesn't say how much in teaspoons. So those of you who were as confused as me theres 2 teaspoons in a packet, recipe is then 4 teaspoons.

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    Let the dough rise till about double is the general rule with dough, sometimes timing relies on temperature, That's correct about the yeast, since then I too have used bulk yeast that's a quick rise type, so 4 teaspoons is the norm for a 2 loaf recipe. You can coat your pans as desired, butter , olive oil, spray etc. For a crust with crunch, dust the pans with corn meal after applying oil. (good for pizza too!) Thanks qsefth for reading my post, after all these years it's stilled getting viewed ! Hope you enjoy your passion for home made bead as much as I do !

    Wonderful recipe!!!!

    Since I like mine a bit thicker I sub'd half the water for milk and butter.. (still at 130, mixed with the other cup of water) turned out great..

    Although I was very pleasantly surprised at how awesome this was WITHOUT the milk or butter!
    Thanks very much for the recipe! Also, I made about 20 packets... I used my foodsaver bagging system. I used a roll, sealed the bottom, then sealed in 4 compartments (don't forget to double seal between, so you can separate them if you want) also, I used bulk yeast, so the equivalent of 2 packets is 4 &1/2 teaspoons.. what a wonderful idea!!!! Now bread making is as easy as opening a packet of yeast! no measuring except water and flour! 1 measuring cup to clean! LOVE it!

    Since I used bulk yeast I have to refrigerate my packets.. But this is just a wonderful idea... I'm very grateful!

    Posting on iPad, but I'll add pics of my packets soon :

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    Thanks gog8orz, using a food saver is a good idea. One of the original recipes That i baked called for about 2 cups milk and 1/2 cup water. Since the original posting I still make and bake bread and have been varying the recipe with different types of flours, even different herbs and seeds, poppy, sesame, dill etc. Usually i add 4 tablespoons butter and at least 1 egg for a heartier loaf. The latest addition has been the adding of Vital Wheat Gluten from Hodgson Mills (online ordering).http://www.hodgsonmillstore.com/ which improves the structure and texture.

    I love your idea of making the premix packets! I notice that this recipe doesn't have any milk or oil in it like most bread recipes. Adding oil and milk helps keep the bread moist longer and gives it a little longer shelf life. I've been baking bread nearly as long as I've been alive and my advice is to use a good quaility flour like King Arthur. Add in Vital Wheat Gluten available at most US grocery stores to give the bread a better texture and a longer shelf life. The reason for the higher water temperature is that it will warm up the flour, thus helping the dough rise faster. It will not kill the yeast because the yeast is already mixed in with the flour. I too buy my yeast in bulk through a warehouse club, though not in the huge quanities that you buy yours. I keep the bulk of it stored in the freezer and a small amount in a jar in my fridge for when I'm baking bread. The last batch of yeast I bought has to be 4 or 5 years ago. I've slowed down on my bread baking due to less demand. I'm looking forward to giving your recipe a try soon :).

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    Thanks HollyMeeker, the pre mix packets sure do save time. I did use King Arthur flour for baking and It was a denser , heavier bread which was perhaps too filling for everyday use. Also King Authur Flour is more expensive at the warehouse club and didn't come in 25 lb packs. it's definitely premium flour. As far as shelve life, having the pre mix packets allows me to bake bread on demand and 2 loaves don't last long enough to spoil as bread is practically eaten daily.

    Wow, I can't believe that you go through 2 loaves of bread in a day. You must be feeding a bunch of hungry teenagers! Which warehouse club do you shop in? We have a BJ's and they carry King Arthur flour in 10 pound bags. I used to bake enough to need that much flour, but I don't anymore. I have to keep my flour in the freezer so that it won't go bad on me. When my ex-husband stopped eating sandwiches a few years ago I no longer had a reason to bake bread. I don't find that the bread is too dense using KA flour, but then I've never used anything else so maybe I'm used to dense bread. Have you tried the Vital Wheat Gluten? It just makes bread better and adds to the shelf life. I made up 4 bags of premix today for future use. I should probably store them in the freezer to keep them fresh since I don't bake bread very often.

    I guess I should clarify my lingo, "everyday use", meaning a common type of white bread for everyday use, not a premium loaf of lets say wheat or rye or that I am baking everyday. No, we do not consume 2 loaves per day ! If I have time the flour is used for other items such as muffins, pancakes, scones etc. so the 25 lb sack is more economical than 10lb bags of King Arthur. I try to keep the ingredients to basic items I have stocked so I haven't used Vital Wheat Gluten. I our area Sams Club is the closest. Another advantage of baking your own bread if you live in RI. you don't have to go out every time it snows for the traditional milk and bread run to the store !

    We go through 2 loaves of bread a day over here but there is 7 of us and with toast in the mnorning and sandwhiches for lunch and maybe a slice of bread after dinner we go through almost 2 loaves :-)

    Hey we're practically neighbors! I live in CT. The main reason that I use King Arthur flour is that it is as close to organic as I can get without having to buy expensive organic flour. I try to eat as much organic food as I can afford. Since we're fellow New Englanders I know that you should have an Ocean State Job Lot near by. They sell Bob's Red Mill Vital Wheat Gluten in their stores along with Bob's whole line of organic foods. I enjoyed using your methods to make two beautiful loaves of bread that I gave to my neighbors as a Thank You for blowing my sidewalk clear of snow for the past 4 storms. I made up a bunch of packets so it will be easier the next time I make more bread. Thanks for the great Instructable :) Yeah what is it with People running to the store and buying all of the milk and bread at the first sign of snow? It's not like we're going to get snowed in for weeks at a time. Besides who wants to eat that nasty stuff they call bread in the grocery store. I've always wondered how Hostess can get away with calling what they make bread. I grew up eating homemade bread since my mom grew up on a farm and her mom baked bread. It has been handed down from each generation to the next and now my sister is teaching her daughter how to bake bread. Life is too short to eat bad food!

    Hi HollyMeeker - I totally agree with you and even though today most people live in cities, but getting back to the older ways I think, makes for a healthier person/family. That probably was the reason that I bought a bread machine a while back, always looking for new bread recipes (hint-hint). I do remember my ancestors baking breads at various times of the year for holiday eating. We remember those with very fond memories. I guess I am lucky, being near a good, ole family type market with decent prices and home made style baked goods as well as the cardboard type breads. I will be making some homemade stuff in a few days. All the best Manny D.

    Hi Manny D. I take it that you're looking for bread machine recipes. I've got a really great one for garlic bread if you're interested. Also check out the instructable by Aeray https://www.instructables.com/id/Artisan_Bread_in_Five_Minutes_a_Day/

    I checked out the book from my local library after reading this instructable and I've been making great sourdough breads for the past 6 weeks. Check out the link and I think you'll become addicted like I have.

    Hi Holly, Thank you for the quick reply to my reply. Yes I would be interested in your garlic bread for the machine. I did check out the other site you suggested and when I get the chance will try that type of bread in the oven when the weather gets a bit cooler. Like last week when here in Southern Calif. had a cold spell in May, imagine that. My favorite types of bread are the artisian style breads - mostly old style I guess European origin? I am also working up a recipe for a good Onion Dill bread. When I perfect it, I will send it to you, if you would be interested. Regards Manny D.

    Manny, If you like European style breads then definately look for the book in your local library. The recipe in the instructable is a double recipe so if you want to try it you can cut the amount of ingredients in half. Here's the garlic bread recipe. It comes from a small booklet of recipes from the 90's when a guy named Drew Kaplan was selling bread machines. I'm so glad that I kept the booklet as it has a lot of great recipes in it. I've modified the recipe a bit since I like a more pronounced garlic flavor. Spaghetti Bread 1 package of yeast 3 cups bread flour 1 tablespoon sugar 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon salt OR 1 teaspoon garlic salt 1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese 1 teaspoon dried Italian seasoning 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 1/2 cups warm water Add all the ingredients into the pan in the order listed. Select white bread and push Start. Since I don't have bread machine I use my Kitchen Aid mixer to make the dough. Once it has risen I punch it down and then roll the dough flat and cut it into small logs similar to bread sticks only much fatter. I let the dough rise again and then bake the logs in the oven at 350 F for 15 to 20 minutes. I've never made it as a loaf, I've always made individual portions. I'm not a big fan of Dill so I'll decline, but thanks for the recipe offer. Actually the booklet has a recipe for Onion Dill Bread. I lived in Fullerton for 2 years from 1968 to 1970 while my dad was going to college to learn how to program computers. He was in the Army. We lived in Germany several times which is where I learned about great bread. I'm lucky that the town that I live in here in Conn has a large Polish population so I can get good Rye bread. One option is to use your gas grill as an oven if you have a gas grill. The book describes how to bake bread in a gas grill so you don't have to heat your house up with the oven. We've been having cooler than normal weather here as well. I've never had the heat on in late May like I've had to do this year. Sincerely, Holly

    I made this recipe w/ half and half stone ground wheat and white flour. Turned out great! I made one big loaf and six burger buns. Easy and delicious!

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    hey love the recipe but one thing i have a mixer and it doesnt have the dough hook what can i do can i nead it or what thanks

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    ¬°Elbow Grease!, since the recipe is small you can put everything ina bowl or over a table, make a "mountain" with the flour, then carve a "crater" in the middle until you can see the table, put the liquid ingredients in the crater with the egg, mix them, ant stard adding small amount of flour fron the walls of the crater, once you get a good dought, hit it, and move it in the table so you add air to the mixture, thats a lot "old fashioned" but is cool. Thes the way my dad did it for 20 something years.

    First time in my life I heard of Eggs put in bread. Live and learn...

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    google brioche