I took a deck of cards and Hollowed out a space inside to fit my Ipod Nano.
Then I fitted the Ipod inside and mounted a card on the Back and one with a viewing hole on the front..
You can even still use the click wheel and its easy to find because it lines up right underneath the bottom circle on the card back design....

Step 1: What You Need,

An Ipod Nano
A Deck of Cards,
Exacto-Blade or if your lazy like me, Dremel Tool..
Double Sided Tape,
Very good. Im making one right now.Im using a swiss army knife and its taking a very long time. But its looking good right now
this looks cool, but i don't think i'm craft enough to do it!! :) plus, i have the nano 4g, or chromatic, and this wouldn't work for it anyways. :( btw, can someone tell me how to change my account pic? i can't do it.
its kind of interesting the way you did that. I might do something like that only different.
nice idea im new and i allready love it
excellent im halfway through mine now
this thing rocks! i just finished my first one. its not that hard to follow cuz you just need to look at the pics
I loved the idea of a card case for an i pod nano! but i think you could of worded it better, no offense but it was very hard to follow what you where saying. i found that using double sided tape didn't hold very well so when i was done using the dremel to hollow it out i put to coats of epoxy on the outside and inside and that seemed to work great! and i used a electric drill for the hole for the headphones.
if i only had a nano, All i have is a classic.
there are jumbo playing cards that you could try there novlty so there huge
wow thats awesome! I'm working on a case similar to this for my ipod touch, but its made out of a stack of index cards. but I'm probably going to use some of these ideas...
nice... i built a wallet very similiar to this but it was more on a hinge thing...now it looks as if i'll have two decks of cards to carry around in my pocket.
is that gen3 nano? its so cool. im gonna try it if its gen3.
wow man, this is awesome. so convinient. it kicks @$$
Freakin sweet idea dude it so perfect
my ipod nano 1st gen. is too tall.
i love you
wow! brilliant idea man! also... PUBLIC ENEMY KICK ASS!!!!!!!! woooop!
Very nice well done! +1
Love it. I may do this for my iPod 5th gen. Though I'll probably have to find something other than a pack of bicycle cards. My favorite part of this is that the iPod is still usable while encased, unlike many iPod cases nowadays.
1st ipod case that doesn't suck! Nice job! (I'm more of a zen person)
Hahahaha, this is AWESOME! Super smart, I'll see if this fits my iPod video, this is just too smart, awesome Instructable! (added to favorites)
Awesome idea. Usually iPod case-related instructables are lame, but this one is quite clever. Nice job.
SOOOOOO COOL i have at least 15 packs of bicycle card from my magic obsession stage of my life im gonna make one for my new nano

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