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A draft of a manga about things i hate
i did this a long time ago and in pencil so its not really the best
but i decided to make another series like this later
also i just put some sketches i did 
please leave helpful comments
im only 16 so i hope ill get better over time


cynthia2901 (author)2012-06-23

May I suggest It's a place where everyone anywhere can share their artwork. Don't worry. You'll get better. Add some folds to the clothing and kind of make the character less stiff. Check out my instructables on the clothing!

rickharris (author)2011-08-22

Check out

l8nite (author)2011-08-22

of course you'll improve over time if you work at it, a great place for artists on line is check out the drawing section, lots of other artists who have been there, done it, learned from it and are willing to share their experience

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