I found another use for those old, empty CD cases most of us have hanging around. The first Instructable the I posted was for taking 5 empty cases and making a flower box planter. This one makes a wind chime to add some melody and well as a nice looking piece to hang from your porch.

You'll need:

1 empty CD case (you'll get 2 chimes from each case)

Access to a Laser Cutter (I did mine at TechShop Pittsburgh. For information on TechShop and to see if there is one in your area go to www.techshop.ws)

Monofilament line

Some shiny baubles

Chime elements


You'll need to remove the CD tray and any paper that is in the case. The laser will set the paper on fire as it cuts through the plastic. FIRE IS NOT GOOD! So please be sure that you are only putting the plastic into the cutter. You'll also have to dial down the intensity so your plastic doesn't scorch. I had mine set at 75% power but you'll have to find the right settings for your laser.

When placing the case onto the cutting bed set it with the solid piece raised, not on the surface. I tried it the other way and when the laser moved it pushed the edge of the case moving it out of place.

<p>Another case of clever re-use!</p>
<p>Nice way to recycle! </p>

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