Introduction: I Made a 3D Topographic Map of Westeros From Game of Thrones.

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I had previously made a topographic map of Africa, documented here:

And a lot of people expressed interest in a topographic map of Westeros from Game of Thrones, so I made one!

Here is the glamour video for it (set to the opening score):

We also have it posted on Kickstarter:

Read on if you'd like to make one

Step 1: Obtain a Fictional Map

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The first challenge was to obtain a map of this fictional place. Fortunately, Matthew Pauly at has a great vector version. So that was my starting point.

Step 2: Create Topographic Layers

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Once in Illustrator I wanted to create four layers with each representing elevation changes. Each color here represents an elevation change. The contours follow the known mountainous regions.

Step 3: Engrave Layers

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Once all the cut layers are good to go, I put engraved elements on the illustrator file. These would later be engraved by the laser cutter. I chose to include castles, cities and ruin names on the map. Also included are Sigils of the Kingdoms, as well as roads and rivers.

Also included is The Wall. All three layers of it. Rumor has it that it stands at 700 feet.

Step 4: Off to the Laser!

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Once the vector files were prepared in Illustrator, it was just a matter of sending them to the laser for first engraving each layer, then cutting out the contours.

Each layer is cut out of 1/8" Birch which is previously sanded and stained with Summer Oak.

Step 5: Stains

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Testing some of the stains we bought at Home Depot, we opted to use Minwax Sunbleached for our background and Summer Oak for each of the layers which gives the whole piece a rustic and antique look.

Step 6: Assembly

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Once the layers are cut, they are assembled with the sheet they are cut from to line them up perfectly. Liberal amounts of superglue are used to hold everything together. The 10 second set time helps reduce the need to clamp anything down.

Once the layers are assembled, the piece is framed with 1" solid Red Oak balusters.

Enjoy more glamour shots below.


Step 7: Glamor

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EricA116 (author)2017-10-05

Would be really interested in purchasing the vector file if ever its on for sale.

arun4444 (author)EricA1162017-12-04

We actually now have the maps available for sale at our website:

FrankA94 (author)2017-08-12

Since you have already made the vector layers, do you have the ability to enlarge it to roughly 60" by 35"?

I checked out your kickstarter page, but the dimension isn't exactly what I was looking for. If you'll be willing to enlarge it to roughly 60 by 35, I'll be very interested in purchasing it from you. Please message me if you will be interested. Thank you very much.

RaD0 (author)2017-06-13

Amazing! Sir, could you share sketch?

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