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"I profile" is a DIY designed so that users can put any garment, consists of a touch sensor circuit, speakers, and a sound system playing pre-recorded. Its purpose is to communicate information, previously it intends to disclose, through short phrases or pre-recorded sounds the same you want to give out. His drive is through touch.
The intention is that each of the sensors are activated unconsciously by people who play the wearer of the garment with the circuit at specific points where the sensors are located, activate the touch recording with messages about data you want to to know himself. This DIY is to a critique of "privacy" Obviously from a security standpoint and with the permission of the wearer, creating a reinterpretation of situations where people are unintentionally "touched" by creating a discussion, a situation burlesque and even a starting point for the exchange of information.

Step 1: Materials

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- Keychain voice recorder.
- Welder
- Circuit wires
- Needle and thread

Step 2: Open Systems Tape Recorders and Join

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Recorders and unite to open systems, disarm with caution and add cable systems with the soldering iron and solder to extend it to the extent that you want

Step 3: Internal Installation

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Placed in the garment speakers and buttons

Step 4: Hide System

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Sewing: wires, buttons and system, to the garment in places not visible

Step 5: Have an Article That Talks About You!

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Computothought (author)2011-10-26

Gives a new meaning to to touchy feely...

randofo (author)2011-10-25

I sort of get what is going on here and it seems very cool. Maybe you can add a littl more explanation of how you made this and how you might use this?

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