I R Sensor




Introduction: I R Sensor

Parts Required:

LM358 IC



Potentionmeter -10k ohm


10k ohm x 2

100 ohm

IR Transmeter

IR Receiver

PCB Board

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

It is a very simple circuit diagram...

all the details are given in the circuit

Step 2:

connect the two ends of the potentionmeter to pin 4 and pin 8 of the ic.

and the middle pin of the potentionmeter to the pin 2 of the ic

Step 3:

connect the photo diode +ve pin to the pin 8 of the ic

and 10k resistor to the -ve pin of the photo diode, and the resistor other end to the GND of the ic,

ir transmeter +ve end to the pin 8 of the ic then 100 ohm resistor to the -ve end of the ir transmeter which will go to GND of the ic. The pin 4 of the ic is the GND pin of the IC. The pin 8 of the ic is the +VE pin of the IC. Then pin 3 of the ic will connect to the joint of the ir receiver and 10k resistor.

Step 4:

connect 330 ohm resistor to the pin 1 of the IC which is the output pin connect the LED +ve end to the other end of the resistor and the -ve end will go to the pin 4 of the IC.

Remember pin 1 is the output pin.

Step 5:

Lets try out the sensor ...........

Step 6:



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    What is the purpose of the IR LED?

    It seems rather unnecessary - why does a sensor need input from itself?

    Thanks for sharing! : )