How to sew an apron from a Kmart Martha Stewart cloth dishtowel.

Step by step instructions on how to turn any rectangular piece of cloth (approximately 18"x24") into an apron.

Step 1: Cut the Edges for Your Tiebacks

This is probably either the cleverest or laziest step of this apron. Cut the edges off of the napkin/ dish cloth you are turning into an apron. I used two of the same so I could mix and match colors. The longer edges will be for tying around the waist and the short ones are for the neck.

I chose to leave the tag on my straps just for fun/ convenience.
Very nicely done, thanks for sharing
That was cool. Amazing drawings of the woman btw.
Thanks! That's my mom. ;)
im a screamer... lol... good instructions!
I scream for nothing at all.

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