How to sew an apron from a Kmart Martha Stewart cloth dishtowel.

Step by step instructions on how to turn any rectangular piece of cloth (approximately 18"x24") into an apron.

Step 1: Cut the edges for your tiebacks

Picture of cut the edges for your tiebacks
This is probably either the cleverest or laziest step of this apron. Cut the edges off of the napkin/ dish cloth you are turning into an apron. I used two of the same so I could mix and match colors. The longer edges will be for tying around the waist and the short ones are for the neck.

I chose to leave the tag on my straps just for fun/ convenience.

Step 2: Cut out the pockets or shoulders

Picture of cut out the pockets or shoulders
The negative shape of the armholes happily can be joined to make a little pocket for the apron later. Fold the fabric in half and make a guestimate of where you want the top to start and the waist line to meet it. Accuracy is not needed as long as all the sides meet.

Step 3: Bias tape or duct tape the frayed edges

Picture of Bias tape or duct tape the frayed edges
I don't recommend duct tape, but if you don't have sewing skills, a machine or the patience to do hand sewing, consider glueing with a washable fabric glue, which should keep it intact even without adding some kind of tape/ ribbon over it.

I recommend using a sewing machine, and if I had the time I'd be writing in all my tips for sewing machines right now.

Pin or baste the band around the edge and goto town on it.

Step 4: Pocket

Picture of Pocket
Sew the straight edge together from the hole you cut out for the arms, and you've got a pocket ready. Well almost. You should baste the round edge and iron it for an easier time with a sewing machine. Or just do it by hand if you like.

Step 5: Sew on straps and try out the pocket

Picture of sew on straps and try out the pocket
I sewed all the straps down, and here I'm trying out the pocket in several positions. I preferred it on my right leg.

Step 6: Sewing mistake, happy accident

Picture of sewing mistake, happy accident
I accidentally sewed the tag onto the pocket I made for the blue apron, which I decided just to leave there and so I cut it off the strap.

Step 7: Finished!

Picture of finished!
As you can see- I finished both the yellow and blue "I scream for IceCream" styled dishclothes into aprons, and all in a day's work. Not bad, eh?
HamO8 years ago
Very nicely done, thanks for sharing
Neodudeman8 years ago
That was cool. Amazing drawings of the woman btw.
sandma1half (author)  Neodudeman8 years ago
Thanks! That's my mom. ;)
Edward4728 years ago
im a screamer... lol... good instructions!
Crash21088 years ago
I scream for nothing at all.