I will be showing you how to make I Spy Christmas Ornament that is great for all ages and can be changed very easy to your liking. I have given this to family members as presents and when other people have seen them they all then wanted me to make them one. Its a unique ornament and can be personalized for that person or family.

So lets get started!

Step 1: The First Step You Need to Get the Materials.

Witch includes: 1. Clear or Ornament class or plastic ( I will be using both in this instructables to show you what end result looks like)
                             2. Filler witch can be anything from sand beads or foam pellets
                             3. Random little things to search for. ( I will be doing a beach theme)
                             4. Letter beads or any type of individual letters.
I'm sad I saw this well after christmas
Thank you both for the complements, there always appreciated. :D
What a super cute idea!
Very creative and a well done Instructable.

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