<p>very nice! i will build chairs like these, if i will ever have enough space for them :)</p>
Cool way to recycle
I was thinking about making one but the video doesn&rsquo;t help as much as the pictures but I finally made it!!
Wow! please Send some photos, I would love to see it!<br>gtonya@gmail.com<br>Hope the instructions info helped...
wow nice <br>
The video is amazing, and the idea, brilliant. How are the resulting chairs in terms of comfort? And I have to mention, too, that I'm impressed with how clean everything is--usually, there's a lot of grease and such in the works of such beasts. Was it hard to clean up?
<div style="direction: ltr;"> the machine was only five years old so it wasn't so dirty, the parts that had some limescale I cleaned very easily, and the yellowed plastic and enamel is very easy to clean with polish paste :)</div>
Awesome! <br>And love the video, you're so dedicated to this 'ible! :D <br> <br>I follow! <br>:) <br>
love the video and music!
wow, bet it took longer to make the video than the chair...awesome
I like the idea it is a nice retro style chair, and mostly, i love the model she is so beatiful :)
Wow!! Beautiful!! I love this repurpose idea.
I am beyond amazed!
I dont know what I DIG more, the furniture....., or the video!!!!! <br> <br>**coin flip** <br>VIDEO it is!!! (thumbs up)
In- geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-nnnnnnnnnnn-ious!!!!!
Your video is exceptionally cool too :0) <br>
What... you didn't use the electric motor to make a massage chair???<br> <br> <em>(Just giving you a hard time!)</em><br> <br> Really great... and as a fellow YouTuber... the video alone is AWESOME!<br> <br> Two thumbs up!<br> Jerry
Excellent Video and Instructable...
Great job. I love projects that repurpose and recycle. Thanks for sharing.
Wow, love the stopmotion, was it hard to undo the bolt holding the pully to the drum because I struggled. The drum with the pully attached makes the best fire pit.
This is really impressive. I can't decide what I like more: the video, the graphics for the instructions, or the project itself!! Its all amazing.
well....me, my aunt, and a friend of mine, bought the same washing machine, at the same day, 5 years ago.. 6 months ago all three of them stopped working at the same day! isn't it amazing? like many electric products, the washing machine, probably, has it's expiring date. <br>I didn't want to throw it away...I decided to find out what is hiding under it's shell.
Very impressive! The stop motion video was an added bonus! I wonder what you can make with a dryer.....
You make me wanna tear my washing machine apart right now! Great job gtonya!
hahahaaha, what an impresive project! I like it a lot! and the animation was awesome! really nice! <br> <br>greetings!
Looks so futuristic. I wish I would've seen this before I threw my washer and dryer out last year. I'll keep this in mind if I come across some abandoned ones though!
pretty cool...very sci fi but i would advise that you don't have palin foam as it tends to rip and crumble then get bits everywhere. love the stop motion :) and that recycling with something like this.
Coooooool! What gave you the idea for this project?
Awesome project, thanks for sharing. <br> <br>I cannot help but wonder, what took you longer - actually making the chairs or doing the video? :D
hey, thanks:) <br> <br>actually the video wasn't the hardest part. the design of the chairs was challanging because my goal was to make the design suitable for all kinds of washing machines. <br>and the instructions took me quite a long time..:)

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