I-box: Box Made From Wood "I"s




Introduction: I-box: Box Made From Wood "I"s

First, there was the iPod.
Next, the iPhone.
The, the iPad.
Now, we have the iBox.

Well, not really like Apple products, but a box made out of capital wood "I"s.

Step 1: Parts

1. Wood glue
2. 17 capital "I"s made out of wood (found these for 33 cents each at a 99 cent store in midtown Manhattan)
3. Chopsticks/craft sticks or something similar (not shown)

Step 2: Double Glue Joint

1. Before you start, please review my Instructable on the double-glue joint:
2. Using the aforementioned double glue joint method, connect the wood "I"s together horizontally as shown in the pictures.
3. Stack and double glue joint 3 wood "I"s together to form the 4 walls and the base. This should take 15 "I"s and leave you with 2 "I"s.
4. Use the last 2 "I"s to cover the gaps in the base as shown. Once again, double-glue joint them. For extra strength, you can screw them to the base with 4 screws.
5. There will be some gaps in the base. Use the chopsticks/craft sticks and the wood glue to seal them up.

Step 3: Start to Paint Box

1. With all the glue that is being used, it would be best to paint the whole thing.
2. Start to paint it, and be sure to get the bottom.

Step 4: Finish Painting

1. Finish painting the box. Be sure to get the whole base, including the part facing down.
2. Use a paint pen to personalize it with someone's name if you wish (this was a birthday gift to a friend)



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