Ok my cats are spoiled. They have a 9 foot scratching post, a giant litter box they can stretch out in and two good looking owners. What more could they want. Yes a filtered watering dish.  (I know the joke; they lick their butts, do they have a poop filtering machine, ha ha).
We got an aqua cube, the 40 oz  version from walmart for about $20.00 (USD) last year. It works ok, doesnt hold much water and the filters are expensive at about $1.50 a piece. I don't know how long the filters last because i just took it out instead of buying it. It has to be broken down and cleaned every month. (probably last longer if i put a filter in it.)
Anyways as I wrote this instructable the pump crapped out on me because it got gummed up with debris.

You will need:
A big watering dish. Don't get one of those tiny watering dishes for a little sissy lap animal, you want something for a big tiger.  An American Tiger!. (3 bucks)
An aquarium filter. I have an aqua tech power filter i found with a fish tank on trash day. (they are $10 at walmart)
Water.  Not that wimpy water that comes in a bottle but good ol TAP water. (free with my rent)

Step 1: Layout

The first picture is the aqua cube broken down for cleaning. You can easily see how it works.  It uses a 2watt submersible fountain pump that forces water up into a upper tank that then flows down a trough.

My version utilizes an aquarium filter with a pet dish underneath.

In reality you need the biggest pet dish you can find.

This filter is designed for 5-10 gal aquarium. 
<p>But, how do you make the pump stay on top of the bowl?</p>

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