The other day I found it was uncomfortable to wear the non-maternity regular pants or the maternity pants I wore during the previous pregnancy, which makes sense since the previous pregnancy was from winter to summer, this one is going to be from summer to winter. So I went to the store and tried some maternity pants, found one that's comfortable for $35, plus tax it'll be $36 something. I ended up hanging them back on the rack: Pffft, I could totally make many of those from the pants I already have. 



So let’s get to it.

Step 1: Select a Pair of Pants

The rule is not to use a pair of pants that fit you tightly already before your pregnancy or use a pair of pants you still love and make them into something you are going to wear at most 8 (if you are already a couple of months along) to 10 months. First I decided to start with a pair of pants I usually don't wear because they fit me looser than I like, they don't have any belt tabs so the pants hang low on my hip which isn't my style.  

With the success at my first try, I quickly decided to modify two pairs of pants I wore during my previous pregnancy. They have thick and short bands which I found not comfortable at all. I can’t believe how they have worked previously. So I removed the thick elastic bands and replaced with tall bands of soft knit fabric which covers the whole bump just like the pants I tried in store.

So in one afternoon of a weekend, I changed from having zero pairs of comfortable maternity pants to having 3 pairs.

Another good thing about the maternity pants with stretch band that covers the whole bump is it smoothes out the bump. With a loose fitting shirt on top, it prevents you from spilling the beans before your pregnancy is well established and you are ready to make the announcement. Of course, I spill the beans here by posting this Instructables before I'll make announcement off internet.

<p>I used your directions to convert 2 pair of army fatigue pants into maternity pants for my daughter-in-law to help protect her from deer ticks during a 2-week forestry project in the woods this spring. They turned out great! She says they are the most comfortable maternity pants she owns. Thanks for your great directions.</p>
<p>You're welcome. Great news! Thanks for taking time to comment.</p>
This is a wonderful idea. Could you also use an old T shirt instead of buying the fabric?
Definitely if the t shirt hasn't been worn so the fabric is in good quality. You may end up with one center back seam and two side seams if you use a t shirt instead of just one center back seam if you use new fabric from a store.
This is really nice...it would even help over weight people... I shall show this to my mum... As we run a baby and mom shop :-) ... <br>So when are you due? Hope you have an easy and safe pregnancy ! :-)
We thought the same thing. I think if people who have maternity resembling belly bump wear similar pants that smooth their bump, they'll be less likely to get embarrassing congratulations. <br>I still have a long way to go, till the middle or late Feb. There is no novelty in it second time around. Ten month is kind of long. I really need some goals these days.

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