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Introduction: I Created My Own Mobile Cinema

This summer I wanted to do something new. Whilst repairing a DLP projector I realized it would be a waste to only enjoy the powerful projector in the comforts of my own little room. I wanted to create a set-up that was able to be placed anywhere. After some research I found that it would be really hard to fund a project like this with a student loan. Luckily for me Lenovo was willing to sponsor me which made me able to live out a dream. This is how I created my own mobile cinema.

Step 1: Choosing the Materials

I wanted to have an crisp and bright image so I could use the cinema outside. This meant that I would probably need a better projector than the 3500 ANSI Lumen I was repairing at the time. After some research I decided to get a Acer P7605 projector. This projector is relatively cheap, has 5000 ANSI Lumen, full HD and has a high contrast ratio.

Since the world hasn't got power outlets in every tree I decided to connect the projector to a big battery pack. After some calculation I figured that 4x 12V batteries of 100AH each would do the job. Next to this, to convert the 12v DC to the 230AC the set-up would also need a converter.

Most importantly all of this equipment needed to be transported and protected. The easiest and cheapest thing I could think of was a simple trash can. It has wheels, enough space to house all the materials and it's quite sturdy.

Of course the projector would also need a surface to project upon. It would have been possible to create a foldable screen of my own. But it would have been way heavier and bigger. I found a mobile screen which packs in a nice little flight case and folds out to a 406cm * 254cm screen.

For audio I have two different options. I can use my large speakers to really create a cinema experience or if the location is public and creating noise after dark is prohibited I can switch to an FM-signal.

The FM option make it possible to place the cinema literally anywhere and it is also my favorite.


1x high-end projector 2.000
4x 100AH 12V batteries 500
1x Pure sine wave converter 350
1x battery charger 200
1x foldable screen 1.100

Total: 4.150

Step 2: Connecting the Dots

The setup is actually really simple. I grabbed a set of jump-start cables, cut away parts of the isolation and connected it to the batteries and the power inverter. I used jump-start cables because they can handle the high amperage and are really cheap.

I made some little plateaus for the batteries and projector to stand on and connected a gas cylinder to keep the trash can from closing.

It's as simple as that.

Step 3: Enjoying the Mobile Cinema

These are few pictures of the first two editions I hosted. Both of them were held around an old church/factory. I'm always looking for new locations or events, so hit me up if you know any. I'm currently based in the Netherlands but I look forward to hosting in different countries.



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12 Discussions

How did you get lenovo to sponsor you?

wow amazing. just one question. are the batteries connected in series or parallel?

1 reply

they are connected parallel. This is so that the batteries can handle the currentdraw which should be at a maximum of around 20% of their total capacity

bloody good idea what a thought

a very nice and genius solution!

amazing x


4 years ago

Just some advice on your battery bank connections, chances are you are using the parallel setup I have depicted on the left, which will certainly work, however after prolonged use, will wear the batteries closer to the main leads (or top of the picture) quicker than the ones farther away. This is caused by electricity's tendency to follow the path of least resistance, or discharge and charge the batteries closer to the main hook up. If you alternate the side of the main terminal for either the positive or the negative, (as shown in the right side diagram) this will cause less of an immediate strain on charge/discharge for the first few batteries. Your battery pack overall will wear at a more consistant rate instead of having to replace a battery or two due to excessive DOD, or depth of discharge, while the other two or three batteries are barely being used. Just a bit of advice from a previous DIY electric vehicle owner.


1 reply

for this lenght of wires this is not true, the batteries are equally discharged. sorry for my bad english.