I Love Working With Thread!


Introduction: I Love Working With Thread!

These are some items that I have crocheted with thread.



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    Those dresses are just too lovely for words~
    But say some I'll say that you've got me wanting to make some of those for my nieces lol I'm always crocheting them too many things xD

    oh my, that is beautiful, all of them are lovely, I thought it was a doll dress! Did it take very long? Is the pattern available? I have 5 and 3 year old daughters. It is positively gorgeous on the little girl (that's how I figured out it wasn't a doll dress :) ) Wonderful work!

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    Hi daisyrock - Check out crochetgarden.com. They have some great patterns for babies and toddlers. It took me about a month I think. Another great website is lullabiesandlace.com.

    bless your heart, thanks so much for the quick reply I'm off to check those sites. Thank you so much, again great work! :)

    Beautiful dress! I love all the little details you put into the dress.


    Thanks - It worked up really easy.