Step 9: Revealing the Message

Picture of Revealing the Message
Put your creation in a little kraft paper box, and wrap the second note around it like a ribbon. Tape the note in place on the bottom of the box. You can then tie a piece of twine or yarn around the whole thing for an elegant but still masculine look.
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peterjacob5 years ago
wow, thats so sweet. i wish someone would send me one of those! :)
but that wil never happen..

im so lonely..
aw dont say that about yourself. everyone is beautiful or handsom in some way.
PMSandaGun5 years ago
So sweet...I'm a girl and I want one! Think I'll do this for my son's dad for Father's day...Though he didn't bother himself with anything for Mother's Day. But I digress, lol 
did you glue the top onto the glass vial? how does it open???
 it's not supposed to.It's more of a accessory.You could not glue it if you wanted the guy to see it though.