I created this quilt design to help folks use the new charm packs (5 x 5 inch squares) available from so many great fabric companies. I made this for my daughter, whose birthday is 4 days after Valentine's Day.

My husband named the quilt, he thinks it looks like a DNA test.

Finished size 42 x 60
2-3 charm packs
1 1/2 yards solid brown
Basic sewing and cutting supplies and a working knowledge of sewing and quilting.

Step 1: Cutting Info

Charm Pack (charm packs are pre cut)
(75) 5 x 5 inch Charms
(10-12) 1 x 3.5 rectangles from charm fabric

Dark Brown
(8) 5 x 5 square
(6) 2.5 x 3.5 rectangles
(9) 3.5 x WOF

Binding (Dark Brown) -- not shown in pictures
(6) 2.5 x WOF

I like charm patterns that allow you to jump in with out doing a lot of cutting. So jump in !

This computer generated copy of the quilt was made in Quilt Pro.
<p>I made this in a class at the Pittsburgh, PA sewing expo</p>
This is cute! Of course, your husband's comment makes me want to run my DNA on a genotyping gel then make a quilt to match... that would be ridiculously awesome.
That would be pretty awesome. I wonder how much that costs?
i was just thinking the exact same thing! Beautiful quilt. Must go perform DNA test. I love when science and art merge.

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