Picture of I made a member referral card at TechShop San Jose
I had wanted to join TechShop since I first saw them at the Bay Area Maker Faire, but the Menlo Park location was too far away to get to via Public Transit for a non driver like myself. Then to my jubilation, TechShop announced that they would be opening a location in San Jose, I was ecstatic, I was telling friends left and right trying to get them interested in TechShop, but all to no avail...But TechShop had a policy that was perfect for a guerrilla marketer such as myself to take advantage of, their Member Referral Program.
When I found out about this, I was all over it, like powder coat on a charged piece of metal, like machining lube on an end mill or popcorn residue on a hungry members hands. I was to develop this remarkably effective way of plugging TechShop and benefiting from referrals all in one fell swoop
This Instructible has all the things you'll need to entice new members, and get classes from referrals.

It contains an interactive PDF of the card, you can click on the image to import your own picture, a modifiable text field to enter either your name or whatever you desire (the referral number is just my member number), as well as as a description of TechShop and a cut path so that you can give your cards rounded corners on the laser cutter.

Things you will need:
  • Cards printed using the supplied interactive PDF either on paper or card stock. Don't cut them apart, as you'll get to use a laser to do this for you in a later step.
  • An Epilog CO2 laser.
  • Material to etch the flavor text into and adhere to the back of your referral card, wood, acrylic, leather or something else.
  • A vector file with the cut path for cutting your cards apart with a nicely rounded corners.
  • A glue stick or spray mount adhesive to attach the front of your card to the back (you can also just print double sided cards).
Only a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is necessary if you want to change anything on the back of the card.
controlledwrinkles (author) 2 years ago
I have had folks say that they are unable to use the interactive fields on a Mac, but I have tested it on my iMac using both Acrobat Reader 6.0 as well as 9.2, and at work using 8.0...But if you still have issues, it was originally an Illustrator file, and you can edit it in there, or even create you own. As cheesy as handing out a business card for referred class credits may seem, it actually works quite well, I have received two Jumpstarts and four choice classes through this.
You have to download the file to interact with it, trying to click on the field while viewing it in your browser won't work.