Take aim and shoot your friends and family a unique greeting card telling you how much you miss them. This card looks like a miniature version of the target shooting silhouettes, except you're not looking to hit this target, but just shoot around it - "missing" it. You can take these cards to the local gun range for some inverse target practice, or simply poke holes around the target from the comfort of your home.

For this project I found online images of target silhouettes, then created a small card template in an image editor. I printed off a few and took them to the rifle range and set them up as targets. You could use any calibre or cartridge you like, but since these cards were so small I chose to use a .22 rimfire cartridge as it's small and easily aimed.

Of course, you don't have to bring your cards to the range to create holes. You can simply poke holes with a sharp pencil and get almost the same effect (though doesn't have the impact fatigue that ammunition does, is still very convincing).

If you wanted to make your own I've also included a PDF scaled to A4 (8.5" x 11") that you can print at home, along with the silhouette card and font template. You are free to modify and scale to make your own custom version.

Have you made your own I miss you card? I want to see your results! Share a picture or video with your version of this project in the comments below and you'll get a digital patch and a 3-month Pro Membership to Instructables!

Have fun!
This is such a good idea. Thank you mikeasaurus! Here's mine. Nothing as creative as everyone else's, but it was. fun. Thanks
I love this and I love guns ☺??
<p>that is awesome i should send one to my sister!!!</p>
<p>pretty cool,I have made 12 of them to send off.Btw,like your 10/22 I own 3 in various configurations,love them all.I know that I came across this is a little late but to Captain443 I completely agree with kage_no_ and I am 61 yrs old.</p>
<p>Glad you like them. If you share a picture of your version of these cards in the comments here I'll award you a free Pro Membership and a digital patch!</p>
<p>It would be really funny if you put a sound effect mechanism in it that made a loud bang when you opened the card. </p>
Ha Ha I'm gonna try this one
im gona make this for my project ;)
This is awesome!!!!!
To My Son: Call home so I know the Bad Guys are missing you, too!!!!!!!!!!! <br>Love, Mom
Can't help but notice that this extremely similar to this original design: <br>https://www.etsy.com/listing/73510763/miss-you <br> <br>hmmmm...
Looks like good ideas are hard to keep down! <br />I didn't know about that card before I posted my version, but I am really glad you provided the link. It gives people an option to pay for the product, or download my template to make their own.
Haha, awesome. <br> <br>Question for you: How did you get the pictures to show up in the body of text? Did you just paste HTML code in or something? The bordered pictures at the top of each step are nice but I'd love to be able to put pictures right next to the text that was referencing it.
Thanks! <br />As for the picture in line with text, the 'source' button when editing supports HTML.
Ah, thank you.
perfect for the people I stalk XD
hahaha yeah man <br>
Are you people serious... <br>I get the joke part of it... <br>But right know it's in really Bad, Bad, Taste... <br>What are you 12, Come on... Really... <br>We are fighting for Our Right's to have guns... <br>And You post something like this... <br>And then you'll be whining when you lose the gun you used to make this... <br>Real smart...
it's an 'ible...NOT A GUN CONTROL DEBATE YOU TOSSPOT! no one wants to hear your political bollocks on this subject so shut your gob and pack it in....fecken wanker.
Yep.. 12... I thought so...
lol i love it. totally....love it and you got my vote.
I like this! you have my vote!
This is what i made..... <br> <br> <br>Sorry printer not working.....but I print one soon :)
For the line &quot;But my aim is getting better. Hope to see you soon! &quot; <br>credits to : schumi23
Too good!
Well, the file uploader doesnt seem to be working (Its probably adblock +, or something that is causing it, though I'll put a bug report later probably.) <br>My sister has been doing a study abroad at the Moscow Arts Theater, and, among her classes was a ballet class. So, I made this: <br>https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9690381/DoNotChange/IMG_6487.JPG is the front and <br>https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9690381/DoNotChange/IMG_6488.JPG is the back. <br> <br>I made the holes with the soldering iron.
Well, I made a silhouette out of a few pics of my friends using a free photo editor, and added the target on top. The holes were made with a star screwdriver and a hammer :) <br> <br>Thanks for the ible! <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FLQ/QIPU/HAQ30EBB/FLQQIPUHAQ30EBB.THUMB.jpg
By the way, any ideas of some funny text to put on the inside? <br> <br>Something like &quot;maybe next year we'll see each other more often&quot; but in a funny way?
I like the screwdriver method, looks great!<br /> For sharing, you get a digital patch and a 3-month Pro Membership to Instructables!<br /> <br /> Maybe inside you can say something like &quot;I got my <em>sights </em>on you&quot;, or &quot;I <em>aim </em>to see you soon&quot;?
Inspired by a comment below: &quot;But my aim is getting better. Hope to see you soon!&quot;
Inside it should read &quot;but my aim is getting better......&quot;
Thanks for both mike and for the ible. Just what I was looking for the ex! :D
Mine is not quite as nice as yours but I used a pen bow and arrow similar to this https://www.instructables.com/id/Bic-pen--bow-%26-arrow/. It was fun though :)
Nice work, and I like that you used another Instructable to accomplish it! <br />Enjoy the digital patch and 3-month Pro Membership!
Oops forgot the pic
<em>pew pew</em> - good shootin, Tex!<br /> Enjoy the digital patch and 3-month Pro Membership!
Alternately, you could drill that silhouette right in the 10 ring a few times, and send it to an ex-husband or girlfriend. <br> <br>The text could read &quot;Not Missing You Anymore&quot;.
You might want to think twice about that. Depending on your ex, you may wind up with LEO on your doorstep holding that card and he may not share your sense of humor. lol
Great card! <br>I love it!!! :) <br> <br>will use it for sure..
If there were ever a time I really wish I had a gun (and proper license and all that jazz) it is now! These are so clever!
I laughed my butt off when I saw these; I have a few friends that will truly appreciate the humor in this instructible. Sadly, however, there can be a downside to these. In some communities, sending this to someone could be construed as criminal threatening; especially if you add a picture of them on the card. Remember the kid at school that got suspended for pointing a chicken finger at a teacher and saying &quot;pow pow pow&quot;. Apparently, the teacher misunderstood that he was explaining what was happening to his clogged arteries from the fried chicken. Don't believe me? Here's the link to the story: http://everything2.com/title/Boy+suspended+for+pointing+chicken+finger+like+gun <br>
You don't have to shoot the bullets into the card, just get a hammer and whack them whilst holding them against the card :)
Do not hammer bullets, it does not take much force against a primer to fire the bullet from the cartridge.
I went with the BB gun, while I have plenty of rifles just too cold and lazy to go to the range. Seems to have turned out alright.
It need's a santa hat but I now know what my X is getting for christmas. thank you. Relax ladies its a joke.
This is great, I needed a good laugh, thanks for sharing.
Cool idea. Thanks for sharing it. I love the humor.
This is GREAT! I've a few addressees and I'm locked and loaded! : )

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