I Want to Be Surrounded by ITunes Visual Effect!





Introduction: I Want to Be Surrounded by ITunes Visual Effect!

iTunes Visual Effect is very fantastic.
I like to see my iTunes Visual Effect listening to music.
Meanwhile,I like HOMESTAR developed by SEGATOYS.
HOMESTAR is a domestic planetarium.
It can project the starry sky of 3 meters in diameter to
the ceiling.
It is very fantastic as if I was surrounded by the
real stars.
If I combine iTunes Visual Effect and HOMESTAR,
it will be realy realy fantastic won't it?

So,I sticked a smll TFT video monitor on my HOMESTAR
by using a two-sided tape.
It might cost money, but it was easy.
Because a flashlight and a lense are already built in
my HOMESTAR and I didn't have to make a circuit to use
the product of the TFT video monitor.

I would like you to try and enjoy it!

Step 1: Components

HOMESTAR can project 10,000 stars.HOMESTAR can encompass you in the star.
Projection Distance: 2.0 ~ 2.5M (around ~2.7M)

Mini TFT video monitor
-Display Screen 2.5 inches TFT LCD
-Resolution 882 x 228(603288 pixels)
-Color System PAL-4.43,NTSC-3.58
-Signal input AV Signal

double-faced tape, vinyl tape, plastic board, rubber board(5mm in thickness)

Step 2: Stick Together

HOMESTAR and the video monitor are taken apart, sticked together with the double-faced tape.

I am not remodeling the video monitor board.
Remove the case of the video monitor.
Detach backlight from LCD. The backlight obstruct that HOMESTAR LED shines on LCD.
Put the LCD on the light.
A great event for me was to obtained the video monitor to which the LCD and the board did not stick. This is very important for you.

I pasted a plastic board because there was no place where the video monitor board
was pasted.
And, the video monitor board was pasted on a plastic board.

The space is necessary between the light and the LCD to focus.
To open the space, the rubber board is placed between light and LCD.

The board that put the constellation version was removed, pooley also removed ,for place where LCD is put.

Step 3: Invalidate the Safety Device

To invalidate the safety device of HOMESTAR, an optical sensor is closed with the vinyl tape.
The light doesn't light if the above-mentioned is not executed.

Step 4: The Video Monitor and PC Are Connected

It is a picture when operating by way of experiment.
The video monitor and PC are connected with the composite video connector.

Step 5: I Assemble It.

I assemble it.
I'm sorry. The projected figure was not able to take a picture with my camera.
It is very regrettable not to be able to show it to you.



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    I used to do this with an older projector and an older version of i-tunes. It was amazing. I was actually thinking about buying another projector just to do this but since seeing this instructable, I've changed my mind. So would this work on a 10,000 star HOMESTAR? Or does it have to be the 60,000 one, like in the instructable?

    this work on a 10,000 star HOMESTAR. but, I want the 60,000 star HOMESTAR(HOMESTAR PRO) because it is dark.


    Why are there no photos of use?

    he said in the last step that his camera wouldnt take pictures of the projector. i dont know why either though. to the author, could you make a video?

    You're right but is there somewhere where I can get it where it's not in japanese, or something like it at least

    Would this work if you could find some way to hook up a monitor to a computer, like so I could project it, and is it actually iTunes with the visualations? and if so how do you pull it up?

    My computer isn't fast enough to run the visualisations so whatever haha

    this has to be one of the best idea's i have seen. o i think i might just build one to stimulate me when im in an "adjusted state of mind"

    I like this, I only wish I had money to put things like this together.