Step 2: The prank

Simply stated, fill each cup with water (about half-way is good) and place them close together on the floor of the area you'd like to obstruct.  The closer together, the better.  You should not be able to step between the cups (or at least not easily).  Your prankee should find the set up and look upon it in awe, then quickly switch over to annoyance when they realize they have hundreds of tiny cups of water to dispose of to get to their bedroom/office/bathroom etc.
you say its easy. its NOT! <br>
i am going to do this ur awesome *5
naboo fighter!<br><br>D<br>
You can also put grasshoppers or crickets under the cups. they are easy to catch and if your victim is afraid of bugs it is absolutely hilarious.
wow...... ur evil......u deserve 5 stars.....
Staple the cups together at the top edges for a really evil setup! <br />
I've had this style played on me before, and if works great! Besides cleaning up each cup, you are forced to drain each one first!
Three words:<br>Milk, Old milk<br><br>And set it up at night, while they are asleep, because you probably wont get caught.
i have an idea that could enhance this prank, tho it would take much more time. especialy for larger areas. Tie all the cups together in a web like patter, that way if any1 tries to step between or move them, they all dump their contents
i would just jump them and make little clearings by drinking the cups <br>
Truly evil. (Ha! Ha!) &gt;=)
Bathroom would be best, because the victim might try to drink their way through, and if not, the sight of all that water might cause them to have to go more. &gt;=)
if its a vinyl or concrete floor or something similar, use vegitable oil instead of water and watch them slide<br />
Thats awesome!
hahahahahahahaha..wow thats mean
That's cold...
Being a janitor working at a CC I want to point out that if anyone did this in the dorms I clean several things would ensue;<br>1: I'd be cleaning it up, not the student the prank was pulled on.<br>2:I'd would not be cleaning the bathrooms or taking out the trash that day because I'd be to busy trying to get all the crap up and out of the carpet<br>3:If no one stepped up and claimed it then the entire hall would be charged for the cost of cleaning/damages<br><br>All I'm saying is take a moment and think of who would actually have to clean it up.<br>And don't forget the janitor has control of the toilet paper.
Frankly if this was done in my workplace I'd just go straight to the boss or call him if it impeded my work. If it was done on a concrete or tiled floor and the liquid caused someone to slip and get hurt, it could open up the employer to a lawsuit so someone's head would roll.<br><br>If nothing was going to be hurt by it, I would just walk (roll my chair in my case) right over them.
if you know your Victim will have to cross the sea of cups within a few minutes of finishing. add glue or some liquid latex (latex gets stuck in fabric big time!) in some cups and add a tripwire so they will fall down.
hahaha i think this one works better with mouse traps, lolz less mess but still the same concept. <br>
Here are some things that help if you're an evil pranker.<br><br>-Fill the cups up almost completely instead of halfway. This will make cleaning it up tougher.<br><br>-Use fishing line to make a tripwire. When they're cleaning, they will trip and spill some, while landing on the rest of the cups.<br><br>-Put a drop of something clear and disgusting into each cup. When cleaning it, they may take a sip of the water (instinct) and be grossed out. Some good ideas are: Lime juice, Castor oil, etc.<br><br>-Fill the cups with something that stinks.<br><br>-Use duct tape to make a giant floor of cups. Make 2x1 cups, put 2 together, make 2x2 cups, put 2 together, make 4x2 cups, put 2 together, make 4x4, put 2 together, etc. untill you have a giant unit of cups which you can fill up with a bottle/pitcher.<br><br>-Think up yo own!
cup the street!!
i might just keep pouring the water into the cups(since they would only be half full) until i had a path. i could drink some too, but there would be too much of it.
I would just kick them all down, make a big mess, then tell them that they put the cups there, so they can clean it up.
do it with elmers glue. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!
Its not funny for whoever's gonna clean it up.
yah it is
I totally would have spider-crawled the walls. Go all ninja warrior on that hallway.
i like the idea of tying strings to a some of them that would be so frustrating.
you can also tie a string to the cups and hang tape them to the roof
i wouldent care walk walk walk walk hey maid ill pay you 5 dollars to clean this up
remember if your stupid enough to use dye or any thing that can stain odds are you will need to replace the entire carpet, rug, wood floor or the grout of the tiles<br />
Only if you're caught ;)<br />
&nbsp;Damn straight
fo shizzle my nizzle !
try playing beer pong with this!
im going to do this in the bathrooms at my summer camp, and the mess hall if i can get in
if you fill the cups with something that will stain then they will get in trouble with their boss for staining the carpet.
its even better when you take string and loop it around the top of each cup, so if you trip the line it knocks a huge portion of the cups over.<br />
<strong>nice<br /> </strong>
the second I read the part about taping strings to the bottom of them I had an idea. If you have the time to set it up you should tie the strings to the arms of set mouse traps. Set off 1 and you should get a good chain reaction going lol<br />
&nbsp;What i have heard for a good idea would be to use string and pins and tie the cuts to the string and put it all around the room, (iv seen it where the cups are&nbsp;per curiously&nbsp;placed above shoes) So as they try to traverse the room, the water will either spill on them or their possessions. Quite an evil prank indeed.
I was thinking that cutting the string ends the problem...<br /> But you could carefully balance cups with the help of the string so that if they cut the string the cup(s) fall :D<br />
if this prank gets played on you, you can reverse it by painstakingly placing all the cups behind you and you can work you way through the mass of cups, and not leave the steup damaged, so more people can get caught. or in low light, you could make the mass of cups small enough for the target to jump, but put&nbsp;a nearly invisible string (fishing line?) on the place where they would land that would spill all the cups anyway... or put them on stairs. or if someone passes out at a party, drag them to the middle of the room and marroon them in a sea of cups...
&nbsp;That sounds time consuming, you might be able to punch holes in a row and then use a long strand of tape to join them.

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