Step 2: The prank

Picture of The prank
Simply stated, fill each cup with water (about half-way is good) and place them close together on the floor of the area you'd like to obstruct.  The closer together, the better.  You should not be able to step between the cups (or at least not easily).  Your prankee should find the set up and look upon it in awe, then quickly switch over to annoyance when they realize they have hundreds of tiny cups of water to dispose of to get to their bedroom/office/bathroom etc.
pcanywii2 years ago
you say its easy. its NOT!
brittain1234 years ago
i would just jump them and make little clearings by drinking the cups
Plo Koon4 years ago
Bathroom would be best, because the victim might try to drink their way through, and if not, the sight of all that water might cause them to have to go more. >=)
livi6114 years ago
i might just keep pouring the water into the cups(since they would only be half full) until i had a path. i could drink some too, but there would be too much of it.
I would just kick them all down, make a big mess, then tell them that they put the cups there, so they can clean it up.
I totally would have spider-crawled the walls. Go all ninja warrior on that hallway.
i wouldent care walk walk walk walk hey maid ill pay you 5 dollars to clean this up