Picture of I2C LCD Controller Part II
Now that we have install and assemble the controller here is a little project. we are going to build a thermometer.

Parts list

1. Arduino

1. I2C LCD

1. DHT11 Temp Sensor

1. 1k Resistor

7. Jumper wires


Step 1:

Picture of

Connecting the LCD is very simple

LCD                 Arduino

5VCD               5VCD

GND                 GND

SDA                  PIN 20 (SDA on MEGA)

SCL                   PIN 21 (SCL on Mega)

Now the DHT11

DHT 11              Arduino

PIN 1                 5VCD

PIN2                  PIN 2

PIN 3                 N/A ( not used)

PIN 4                 GND

note: you can use a pull up resitor on PIN 2, but not necessary. Also you will need to install the library for the DHT11.


very thanks works after change somethings but it's works and i understand a little more how wire sensors

Very nice work. Thank you for taking the time to put this Ible together.


lcd.print((char)223); //degree sign
lcd.print("F"); instead of "oF" for degree F ;)