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IBC stands for intermediate bulk container.  These containers can range from 275-325 gallons and are mainly used for industrial chemicals. The IBCs used for industry are classified as returnable (re-usable) and non-returnable (disposable).  I work in industrial water treatment and we go through several non-returnable IBC totes a week.

My coworkers and I have come up with some creative uses for these containers and I will share some of my best ideas here on Instructables.com.  I will share some of my coworkers ideas as well with their permission.

Now, I present to you the IBC tote kiddie pool!

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

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1. You need to get your hands on a tote.  For some, this will be easy.  For others, it will probably cost you.  I see totes on Craigslist for free (rarely), but usually they sell for $25-$50.  Well, that is the asking price.  If you are patient, or know someone that works in water treatment or possibly a beverage plant, you may be able to score one for little to no money at all.

The picture above is just a representative of an IBC tote.  It is not the tote I used nor should it be.  Make sure the tote you use previously stored relatively mild chemicals.  Clear and non-staining chemicals are obviously preferable.  The totes I use contained food-grade citric acid that rinses out completely after a couple of flushes.

2. Sawzall

3. Pool noodles will be used to create a protective edging around the perimeter of the pool.  We need 3 of them.

4. Zip ties.  Lots of zip ties. UV resistant is best since this thing will be out in the sun all summer long.

5. Some sort of drill.

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WillyinAus1 year ago
lol I made one of these two years ago here in QLD Australia see pick, good to see someone else has had the same idea all I can say is that mine is still going strong I stuck the Foam noodles down but I think strapping them the way you have would be a better way.
It would make a great outdoor planter or semi raised garden for people who live in apartments!

Where could I get one of the IBC totes???
anasdad2 years ago
What a great concept. Now another thing to add to my "To do" list!!!
Thanks for posting!
This is an awesome idea!! I didnt know they were so cheap I want to make a hot tub now!!
Ein Kinderspass für kleines Geld Super!:-))
This is great, i got this idea for a long time to make a hottub out of 2 IBC containers, i can buy them in 1000liters version 120*100*80high, i would cut the top, keeping the totes some 70 cm high, (28 inch) cut a side of both , than try to weld them back together.

That would give me a 120*200 cm- 47*70 inch by 28 high hottub.

My only fear is that the waterpressure will be so high, that the weldlines will pop open again.

You any experience in joining 2 tubs , or more, welding, glueing, rivetting, whatever holds them together.

The foam on the top edge is an idea i have to keep in mind,

great, keep 'em comming
tnlightle (author)  BG_instructs2 years ago
I am working on the hot tub right now. I know that it is possible to weld the plastic bladder, but I have not tried it yet. My design uses a single tote and it will be more like a Japanese soaking tub. It will comfortably seat two as long as you don't mind rubbing elbows (or knees, etc.) with that person :)
Great idea!
BrittLiv2 years ago
Good job, can't wait to see the other uses